Canadian filming locations featured on new Netflix website – .

Canadian filming locations featured on new Netflix website – .

Vancouver –

Netflix has launched a website to showcase its filming locations across Canada and some of the productions mentioned are highly publicized.

British Columbia locations from Squamish to Surrey, featured on hit show Virgin river, are among those included on the “Netflix in your neighborhood” site. The public rating system on the streaming service lists it as one of its most popular shows.

Another great show, The Queen’s Gambit, was filmed in several regions of Ontario. Locations in Toronto, Hamilton and Cambridge have all been used to film some of Netflix’s chess wonder hit, the website says.

Another example from the site is The Umbrella Academy, which stars Canadian actor Elliot Page and is filmed in Hamilton, Ontario.

“We know that so many people are curious about where some of their favorite movies and series are being shot. We created Netflix in your neighborhood to make it easier for them to find and explore these Netflix filming locations across Canada, ”a Netflix representative told CTV News on Tuesday.

Netflix says its own research, posted on the site, shows that people around the world who have seen Canadian content are more interested in visiting the country to take road trips and experience the Canadian natural landscape, as well as food. , drinks and more.

“We hope that with the return of international tourism, it will provide visitors from abroad with a resource to discover something new about the cities they might visit while on vacation here,” said the Netflix spokesperson. .

The website includes quotes from Netflix viewers, including one from a 50-year-old woman in Australia: “I’m even more in love with Canada watching Virgin river! I have some new bucket lists (places) to visit! “

Netflix said it plans to continue updating the website roughly quarterly with new movies and series being shot in Canada.

According to the Motion Picture Association Canada, the volume of film and television production exceeded $ 9 billion in 2019-2020 in Canada. The site notes that British Columbia continues to dominate the country with more than 44% of production and a volume reaching over $ 2 billion. The number is down slightly from 2018-19 due to work stoppages related to COVID-19.


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