Burkina’s Iron Biby rises in the record books – and the heart of the nation – .

Burkina’s Iron Biby rises in the record books – and the heart of the nation – .

Ouagadougou (AFP)

Iron Biby, who has just set a new log lifting record in Scotland – 229 kilos (504 pounds) – received a heroic welcome as he returned home to the West African state of Burkina Faso.

Fans gathered at the airport on Monday evening, holding up banners that read “You are the pride of the whole nation” and “Bravo champion”, to salute the powerlifter, 29 years old and weighing 180 kilograms.

In Saturday’s Giants Live World Tour final in Glasgow, Iron Biby’s 229 kilogram feat was only one kilogram more than the previous record, but it was the one set by Lithuanian Zydrunas Savickas he 16 years ago.

Iron Biby embarked on a trademark cart wheel after lifting the log off his head to add another record to his strongman world tally. A video of the feat on Instagram garnered more than 116,000 likes.

“It’s a big problem for me, because I’ve been trying to beat this world record since 2018,” said Iron Bibi with a broad smile, standing next to Burkina Faso’s Sports Minister Dominique Nana.

Fan Taleb Kangamba told AFP: “Thanks to him, people know Burkina Faso and our flag flies even in places where you would never expect it. And also thanks to him, the name of Burkina Faso and its name are in the Guinness book. records. “

Iron Bibi, real name Cheick Ahmed Al-Hassan Sanou, started weightlifting in 2009 at the age of 17 in Canada, where he and his older brother attended high school.

He became world champion in lifting wood in 2018, a title he retained the following year.

In addition to the log lifting record, he holds the Guinness World Record for most overhead presses in one minute – one person. And in July, he broke the world record for “axle press” at the 2021 Strongman Classic at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

And not content with breaking the long-standing wooden lift record, Biby said he plans to do even better.

“I’m going to take this record to another level so that it is very difficult to beat it,” he said.


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