Britney Spears returns to court in trusteeship case – .

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Judge Brenda Penny is expected to consider several motions filed since the last hearing in the case on July 14.

Jamie Spears, the singer’s father, has been her curator since 2008. Earlier this month, he called for an end to guardianship. Her filing follows two powerful days of testimony from the pop star this summer, in which she detailed many of the personal restrictions she lived with as part of the arrangement she described as “fucking cruelty.” “.

“I just want to get my life back. It’s been 13 years and that’s enough, ”Spears said in June.

Mathew Rosengart, the singer’s lawyer, has asked the court to remove Jamie Spears as a conservative. In a court file obtained by CNN on Monday, Rosengart said her client’s father should be investigated for allegedly placing a recording device in her home, based on a New York Times report. .

A lawyer for Jamie Spears did not respond to a request for comment on the allegations, but in a recent statement to CNN he said he “loves his daughter unfailingly.”

Britney Spears has attended previous hearings virtually, calling by phone. It is not known if she will appear in person at Wednesday’s hearing.

The #FreeBritney movement, organized supporters of the singer who have pleaded for an end to her guardianship, will stand outside the courthouse for a rally.

The hearing is scheduled to begin at 4:30 p.m. EST.


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