Braves end up losing 6-5 after Tatis Jr. home runs to Smith – .

Braves end up losing 6-5 after Tatis Jr. home runs to Smith – .

The Braves resumed their game suspended by a point. They also lost it while running, but not without some fireworks. This recap can be quick, since you already know what happened on July 21.

The Braves lost a chance to score against new pitcher Pierce Johnson in the bottom of the fifth. Johnson ended up walking both Dansby Swanson and Freddie Freeman, but a flyout and strikeout ruined that chance. Jesse Chavez stayed in the game for the next half inning and also set up a goose egg, despite a starting walk and later an intentional free pass for batter Manny Machado.

Daniel Hudson replaced San Diego in the bottom of the sixth, and the Braves tied the score on the Tour with a withdrawal from Adam Duvall. Sadly, that’s all the Braves got against Hudson, which resulted in them being killed in this game …

… Because the top of the seventh was Will Smith facing Fernando Tatis Jr., and you’ll never guess what happened. Just kidding, of course you will: Tatis crushed a 3-2 fastball that wasn’t high enough or outside enough in the middle for a solo home run. Smith came out of the inning with no further damage, but, as was the case with most of his surrendered long balls, this one also came at a terrible time.

Mark Melancon came to San Diego to shut down the “home team” and he was successful. Jorge Soler was called up to a borderline just in the lower, inner corner. Dansby Swanson chased a curve in the dirt. Freddie Freeman was the last hope and almost scored on the first pitch, but missed it; he ended up working a walk. That meant Albies was the last hope, and he gave Braves fans a little silver lining with his 99 mph, 350 foot left, but he tucked into a glove and that’s it. . The Braves division’s lead will be reduced to one game unless the Pirates return in the ninth inning, although they have a chance of clawing back a half-game with a nightcap victory, with Max Fried coming out on top. should start.


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