Bill Gates flounders as toasted at past dinners with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein – .

Bill Gates flounders as toasted at past dinners with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein – .

Bill Gates floundered as he was toast during his past dinners with Jeffrey Epstein, awkwardly trying to brush aside the concerns raised by the interviewer by saying, “Well, he’s dead.”

The Microsoft founder, 65, first met Epstein at his Manhattan townhouse in 2011 after the financier was convicted of soliciting sex with a minor in 2008.

Her continued encounters with Epstein, until at least 2013, would have remained “a sore point” for Melinda, which took into account their divorce which was announced this year after 27 years of marriage.

PBS presenter Judy Woodruff asked: “You’ve had a number of meetings with Jeffrey Epstein, who – when you met him 10 years ago – was convicted of soliciting underage prostitution. . What did you know about him when you met him, as you said yourself, in the hope of raising money?

Gates immediately started to stutter and play with his ring finger, responding, “Uh, you know, I had dinner with him. Uh, I wish I did that. He had relationships with people he believed would contribute to public health. Not enough philanthropy is going in this direction.

Woodruff asked Gates if there was a “lesson” for him in the Epstein controversy. He said, “Well, he’s dead, so… you know, usually you always have to be careful.” “

Gates at Epstein’s mansion in Manhattan in 2011

“These meetings were a mistake,” he added. “They didn’t come up with what he claimed, and I cut them off. You know, it’s been a long time ago now. There’s – so there’s nothing new about it.

But Woodruff noted that he continued to meet Epstein for several years in personal and professional settings.

Melinda was reportedly “furious” at Bill’s relationship with Epstein after the couple visited the predator’s townhouse on the Upper East Side in September 2013.

Epstein meanwhile gave Gates advice on how he could end his “toxic” marriage, sources told The Daily Beast earlier this year.

Woodruff asked what Gates did when he found out about Epstein’s background.

He shrugged and said, “Well, you know, I said I wished I had these dinners, and there’s nothing, absolutely nothing new about it.” “

The interviewer went on to ask, “Is there a lesson for you, for anyone else, in watching this? “

Gates threw his hands up and said, “Well he’s dead, so… you know, in general, you always have to be careful. “

He quickly changed the subject for his charity, saying, “And you know, the, you know, I’m – I’m very proud of what we’ve done in philanthropy and very proud of the work of the foundation. You know, this is… this is what I wake up to every day and focus on.

Woodruff also asked Gates what was going to happen to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation since the couple announced their divorce.

He said that “the priorities that Melinda and I believe in, global health and education, will always be where our work is done.”

He added that some additional advisers will be recruited at the board level and said the foundation will continue its work to help governments deal with the pandemic.

Couple Bill and Melinda Gates are pictured with their three children in a 2018 family photo. The kids - Jennifer (center), Rory (right) and Phoebe (left) are now 25, 21 and 18.  Bill and Melinda announced their separation in May after 27 years of marriage

Couple Bill and Melinda Gates are pictured with their three children in a 2018 family photo. The kids – Jennifer (center), Rory (right) and Phoebe (left) are now 25, 21 and 18. Bill and Melinda announced their separation in May after 27 years of marriage

Melinda reportedly had “a number of calls” in October 2019 with divorce lawyers, the Wall Street Journal reported in May.

It was the same month that the New York Times reported that Bill had met Epstein “on numerous occasions” starting in 2011.

The couple announced their divorce in May and was finalized in August.

The couple have three children together Jennifer, 25, Rory, 21, and Phoebe, 18.

In June, a spokesperson for Gates said that “many lies” had been told about why Bill separated from Melinda.

“It is extremely disappointing that there have been so many lies published about the cause, circumstances and timeline of Bill Gates’ divorce,” the spokesperson told Insider.

“The rumors and speculation surrounding Mr. Gates are becoming more and more absurd and it is unfortunate that people with little or no knowledge are called ‘sources’.


1999 – Virginia Roberts Giuffre was reportedly recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell to become Epstein’s “sex slave” at age 17. She also claimed he had forced her to have sex with his friend Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth’s second son.

2002 – Trump tells New York Magazine that his friend Epstein “loves beautiful women as much as I do, and a lot of them are younger.”

2005 – A 14-year-old girl tells police that Epstein assaulted her at her Palm Beach mansion.

May 2006 – Epstein and two of his associates are charged with several counts of unlawful sex with a minor. Then state attorney Barry Krischer referred the case to a grand jury that heard only two of the 12 girls law enforcement had gathered as potential witnesses. They returned only one count of solicitation of prostitution.

July 2006 – The case is referred to the FBI by Florida Palm Beach Police who were not satisfied with the way the case was handled.

2007 – Epstein’s lawyers meet with Miami’s top federal prosecutor, Alexander Acosta, who would later become the Trump administration’s secretary of labor. They secretly negotiate the “deal of a lifetime”.

June 2008 – After pleading guilty to two counts of prostitution, the millionaire was sentenced to 18 months in a low-security prison in exchange for ending prosecutors’ investigation into his sexual acts with minors and immunity from future prosecution related to these charges. In fact, Epstein was able to work from his office six days a week while he was supposedly incarcerated in prison.

July 2008 – The accusers learned of the case for the first time.

July 2009 – Epstein is released from prison five months earlier.

July 2018 – The Miami Herald publishes investigative journalist Julie K. Brown’s briefing on Epstein’s long history of alleged sexual abuse and the ‘deal of a lifetime’ announcement after Acosta was appointed Secretary of Labor.

February 2019 – The Justice Department opens an internal review of Epstein’s plea deal.

July 7, 2019 – Epstein is arrested after his private jet lands at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey from Paris. At the same time, federal agents broke into his Manhattan townhouse where they discovered hundreds of photographs of naked minors.

July 8, 2019 – Epstein is charged with sex trafficking charges which explain how he created a network of underage girls in Florida and New York, paying girls as young as 14 to provide “massages and sex acts.” The charges are punishable by up to 45 years in prison.

July 11, 2019 – More than a dozen women, unknown to law enforcement, have come forward to accuse him of sexual abuse.

July 24 – Epstein was found unconscious in his cell after an apparent suicide attempt. He was placed under suicide watch at the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

August 9, 2019 – More than 2,000 documents are unsealed that reveal in detail the grim allegations against Epstein.

August 10, 2019 – Epstein is found dead in his cell.


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