Badly vandalized Pop Smoke’s grave crypt in Brooklyn Cemetery – .

Badly vandalized Pop Smoke’s grave crypt in Brooklyn Cemetery – .

TMZ has obtained photos of what an eyewitness says fell Saturday morning at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY – where the rapper was buried and laid to rest last year after his murder in early 2020. As you can see… it’s a complete mess.

We are told that the stain of Pop Smoke on the exterior wall of a mausoleum inside the park appeared to be genteel and horribly vandalized… with its marble slab cracked and pierced, almost completely. You can see his full name displayed… Bashar Barakah Jackson

There was other debris strewn on the floor… including what we were told looked like burnt and discarded joints, as well as flowers.

The worst part is that there appear to be some trail marks left on the ground … and another photo of what we are told right in front of the mausoleum seems to indicate that the criminals may have entered Pop’s grave. Smoke… either by pulling something out or trying to do it.

The eyewitness tells us that this door-like thing appeared to be a concrete slab that would presumably rest on PS’s coffin, separating his body from another just above him. The black rectangular object, we are told, also appeared to be part of Pop Smoke’s wall speaker.

It is not known if the coffin was still inside or intact … but we are told the person who found this notified security, who was reportedly not aware of such vandalism until we were told. tell him. The eyewitness also tells us that when they returned to the site a few hours later… The Pop Smoke plate had been replaced with a blank slab, and there was warning tape around the area. Some of the debris had also been cleaned up – but it was still evident that something terrible had happened.

It is not known if the PS plate will be replaced, and if so … who is paying exactly for it.

We have calls to the cemetery, family / Pop Smoke reps… as well as cops to see if this has been reported.


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