Autumn Notes. Hot sun for the weekend but also rain from the west – .

Autumn Notes. Hot sun for the weekend but also rain from the west – .

Friday will bring some heat in September with temperatures hovering into the 20s Celsius range, away from the rain in the west. The high pressure clings to Europe and near south-eastern Britain. This is delaying a whole series of weather fronts that are lining up this morning. They will bring clouds and rain over Northern Ireland, West Wales, West England and gradually more over Scotland, with heavy rains on the West Coast. Before that with a light southerly breeze, there will be some heat and sunny intervals.

By Saturday, the front will weaken but will still be a nuisance. There will be more cloud and wet conditions with light and patchy rain for Cornwall, West Wales, along the M74 in South Scotland and for East Scotland. A Met Office forecaster I used to work with always told me not to drop an old front too quickly. Referring to the drawing of the synoptic maps. This forehead is one of those, more in a moment.

Later on Saturday, another north-south trending weather front will move towards the Western Isles and reach Northern Ireland overnight. Lots of wandering in this rain strip, so don’t get too focused on the weather app’s schedules. Between the two bands of rain on Saturday, there will be clearings. In the South East, for much of England and Wales, there will be fine weather, warm sunshine with only a few isolated showers centered near the West Midlands.


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