Apple studies Canada’s biggest cities with specialized backpacks to improve maps – .

Apple studies Canada’s biggest cities with specialized backpacks to improve maps – .

Members of the Apple Maps team wearing specialized backpacks equipped with cameras will be touring Canada’s three largest cities, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver through October to help improve the Apple Maps app.
Apple typically drives a fleet of vehicles around the world to collect Maps data, including street-level imagery for its Look Around feature, but it conducts surveys of pedestrians “in areas where vehicles cannot do everything. just not go ”. Apple promises that pedestrian surveys offer “the same privacy protections as Apple Maps vehicles.”
A list of locations kept on Apple’s website reveals that the company began surveys of pedestrians in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver on September 11. Apple will also be investigating the Durham region immediately east of Toronto.

Apple says it is committed to protecting the privacy of the public when conducting these investigations. According to Google’s Street View, Apple is censoring faces and license plates in images made available through its Look Around feature. If you have any comments or questions about this process, your privacy rights, or if you want to request that a face, license plate, or your own house be censored, Apple says send an email. To [email protected]

Introduced in iOS 13, Look Around provides street-level 3D images that can be zoomed in and pan. The feature is already available in Canada, but Apple periodically revisits certain locations “in an effort to keep a map up to date and of high quality.” Look Around is also available in parts of the US, UK, Ireland, and Japan.


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