Andy Serkis parle du « Coming Out » de Venom dans « Let There Be Carnage » – The Hollywood Reporter – .

Andy Serkis parle du « Coming Out » de Venom dans « Let There Be Carnage » – The Hollywood Reporter – .

Andy Serkis recounts a particular scene in Venom: let there be carnage is a “night out” for the alien symbiote whose relationship with Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock is “the center of the movie.”

In a recent interview with Uproxx, the Venom The director of the sequel opened up about the film’s rave scene, which he originally shared in a ‘Carnival of the Damned’ but has evolved thanks to star Hardy’s relationship with rapper Little Simz, who also appears in the film.

“She actually did a song, without her knowing it, called ‘Venom’ which was very related to the first movie. And so Tom got in touch with her and this song kind of became the focus, ”Serkis said.

That’s when the director shared that Hardy and co-writer Kelly Marcel wanted the scene to be a “coming out” event. “Well, Tom and Kelly always talked about Venom going out and going to a party that was kind of an LGBTQIA festival, really, I would call him, and so that’s his hangout party basically. It’s Venom’s release party.

When asked to confirm if what Serkis was implying was that Venom was not a straight alien symbiote as “was actually coming out,” Serkis replies, “Well, get out, be out …” before acknowledging that a line of the character points towards him “to speak for the other”.

“What’s interesting is that it’s just like, here it’s sort of,” he says in the movie, “We have to stop this cruel treatment of aliens.” He said, “You know, we all live on this rock ball,” you know? And then he inadvertently becomes a kind of … he speaks for the other. He speaks for the freedom of the other.

At the end of the interview, which features Serkis talking about other things related to Venom, like star and friend Woody Harrelson’s involvement and his character Carnage’s impact on the film’s coloring, Serkis responds to the statement that “it’s very obvious that Eddie and Venom are in love” by calling their relationship “the central love story” of the film.

“Absolutely, they love each other and it’s the kind of center of the film that is this love story, this central love story,” he said.


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