Alarms programmed by Google Clock interrupted for some users – .

Alarms programmed by Google Clock interrupted for some users – .

It seems for many people that the scheduled alarms feature on the Google Clock app is completely broken with the bug preventing preset alarms from going off. On the back of this issue, the Play Store listing has now seen a deluge of 1 star ratings from disgruntled users.

[Update 09/06]: Google released a statement via a thread on / r / GooglePixel, with the broken Google clock issue likely being the result of Spotify integration. A temporary solution is to simply switch to one of the device’s default alarm sounds to make sure your scheduled alarms go off on time:

We’re sorry you encountered this issue and thank you for reporting it. We have identified a fix and will be deploying it soon. In the meantime, you can change the alarm sound setting to a selection in Device sound.

A growing thread on the / r / GooglePixel subreddit noted that many devices were skipping their morning alarms or not showing up as “coming soon” on their Pixel devices. The issue also displays any previously scheduled alarms as ‘missed’ shortly after said alarm has been preprogrammed to go off (via Android Authority).

According to the large number of negative and 1 star reviews left on the Google Clock app’s Play Store listing, these broken alarms have been affecting people for quite some time now. However, the problem doesn’t seem to be confined to Pixel devices alone. The complaints come from device owners of all of the major OEMs, including OnePlus, Samsung, and Xiaomi.


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