Afghanistan: Taliban End Women’s Rights Protests in Kabul by “Firing Gunshots and Using Tear Gas”

Afghanistan: Taliban End Women’s Rights Protests in Kabul by “Firing Gunshots and Using Tear Gas”

The Taliban interrupted women’s rights protests in Kabul by firing shots in the air and using tear gas and Tasers, witnesses said.

Women marched through the Afghan capital for the second day in a row on Saturday, demanding that their freedoms be guaranteed under the new Islamist regime.

The protests began peacefully with a number of women laying a wreath outside the Defense Ministry in honor of Afghan soldiers who died fighting the Taliban.

But as their cries grew louder, Taliban fighters rushed into the crowd to ask what the women wanted.

Taliban members rushed into crowds of women protesting in Kabul on Saturday

Social media images then show members of the special forces firing in the air to disperse the crowds.

A witness told Reuters they also used tear gas and Tasers to scare the women away.

A protester who gave her name as Soraya claimed that the fighters “hit women on the head with a gun magazine” and that “the women became bloody”.

Protesters wear wreaths in memory of Afghan soldiers

A leading protester, Maryam Naiby, 20, defended her right to protest, saying: “We are here to obtain human rights in Afghanistan.

” I love my country. I will always be there. “

She previously ran a women’s organization and is a spokesperson for the Afghan Paralympic Team.

Another 24-year-old college student, Farhat Popalzai, said she wanted to represent women who are too afraid to go out on the streets.

There were also marches in Kabul on Friday. Photo: AP

“I am the voice of women who are unable to speak,” she said. “They think this is the country of men but it is not – it is also the country of women. “

The Taliban have repeatedly vowed to stand up for women’s rights since taking power last month.

But many Afghans and international observers are deeply skeptical, with reports of fighters already breaking their engagement.

Afghan women gather in a march to protest for their rights under the Taliban regime in the city of Kabul, Afghanistan on Friday, September 3, 2021. PIC: AP
Women hold signs demanding their freedoms in the Afghan capital on Friday. Photo: AP

In one example, a group of Islamists whitewashed murals on Saturday, including those that promoted health care and praised foreign contributors.

They were replaced by slogans congratulating Afghanistan on the victory of the Taliban.

The spokesperson for his cultural commission, Ahmadullah Muttaqi, tweeted that the murals were painted “because they are against our values”.

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“They were spoiling the minds of the Mujahedin, and instead we wrote slogans that will be useful to everyone,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the Taliban claim to have taken control of Afghanistan last remaining province Panjshir in the northeast of the country.

Rebel forces insist they managed to push back the fighters, but Islamists say they have already taken four of the seven provinces.


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