911 call reveals witness saw Brian Laundrie “hit”, “slap” his girlfriend days before her disappearance – .

911 call reveals witness saw Brian Laundrie “hit”, “slap” his girlfriend days before her disappearance – .

Brian Laundrie was seen slapping and hitting his girlfriend Gabby Petito in the town of Moab, Utah, weeks before his disappearance.
Police played audio of a 911 call made by a Moab resident who saw the couple’s heated argument there on August 12.

Police stopped the couple’s Ford Transit van shortly after receiving the 911 call, but the incident was not deemed serious enough to press charges.

Audio of the call, first obtained by Fox News, describes Mr. Laundrie as the perpetrator of the incident.

“I’m just around the corner of Main St near Moonflower… I would like to report a domestic dispute,” the caller said in the 49-second audio recording.

“The man was slapping the girl… they ran down the sidewalk, he started hitting her, then they left. “

Gabby Petito during a police check on August 12


Last week, Moab police revealed that she had been called to a violent argument between Ms Petito, 22, and her boyfriend Brian Laundrie as a nationwide search for the missing YouTuber was underway.

Police officers at the incident said Ms Petito attempted to hit Mr Laundrie after fearing he would leave without her, prompting her boyfriend to try to restrain her.

The incident was not deemed serious enough to warrant domestic violence charges and police sent Mr Laundrie to a hotel overnight while Ms Petito stayed in the van.

Duty officer Daniel Robbins said the couple appeared to have been going through a “mental health crisis,” according to a police incident report obtained by The independent.

The officer reported that the couple both suffered from mental illness which caused them to argue more and they did not take any medication during their trip across the country in a converted Ford Transit van.

“This time spent created emotional tension between them and increased the number of arguments,” Mr. Robbins wrote.

Ms. Petito’s remains were discovered Sunday in a Wyoming national park.


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