Woman’s Tinder Date From Hell After Ex ‘Dead’ From Restaurant Match Discovered – .

Woman’s Tinder Date From Hell After Ex ‘Dead’ From Restaurant Match Discovered – .

A Lancashire woman shared her date with Hell’s Tinder as the ex “dead” from her date shows up at the same restaurant where they had their first date.
Hannah, 20, said she partnered with a man on Tinder before the pandemic. They chatted for a few weeks via the app before deciding to meet on their first date.

“I thought he was a nice person, I liked him a bit, but not a lot. I didn’t see much going on after the date, just thought I might as well give it a try. “

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Hannah told Lancs Live that ‘it was a good date’ which took place at The Brasserie in Lancaster, a popular and intimate venue that is part of the Royal King’s Arms Hotel where she ate a meal. duck.

The date was going well as the Tinder couple started eating their food and getting to know each other.

Hannah said his match shared the heartbreak he endured after losing his former partner to cancer, even sharing photos with Hannah of his late girlfriend.

She said: “He was talking about his recently deceased partner who had died of cancer and how he struggled after death. Sympathy was given because, well, it’s a horrible thing to experience.

“Everything was fine,” Hannah said, “until he looked up, turned white, and ran to the bathroom. “

Baffled by the sudden disappearance of her date, Hannah looked around the room to see if anything had happened.

She said: “I turn around and see a girl who looks strangely like the woman whose picture he showed me.

“It turns out that the deceased partner was not so dead. In fact, the girl had two children with him and believed he had worked overtime to support them.

Hannah said she was “shocked” when she spoke to the stunned ex-partner who told her she could have been the sixth girl he told the story to.

Hannah said: “He thought it wasn’t that bad to fake a deceased partner on a date?

“At first I thought I was hallucinating a dead woman, then she came over, asked me if I had a date with him and I just told her what he told me to. about his death. “

Hannah left some money on the table to pay her part of the bill and went out.

“I heard her scream as she left,” she said.

Hannah hasn’t been on a date since, in part due to time constraints and the global pandemic – but such a horror story would potentially put off anyone for a while.

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