Who are Isis-K and what is their relationship with the Taliban? – .

Who are Isis-K and what is their relationship with the Taliban? – .

According to a US security think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies [CSIS], Isis-K launched around 100 attacks against civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan between 2015 and 2017.

He was also responsible for around 250 attacks on US, Pakistani and Afghan forces during the same period, and since then the number is likely to have increased further.

More recently, a United Nations report estimated the group to number “between 500 and 1,200 fighters,” although some experts say the number could rise to 10,000 in the coming years.

The group is reportedly trying to swell its ranks in Kabul, the scene of desperate evacuation efforts by Western allies.

Isis-K’s founding leader, Hafiz Saeed Khan, was killed by US forces in 2016 and has since been replaced by Iraqi citizen Shahab Muhajir, according to an analysis by CSIS and BBC Urdu.

What is his relationship with the Taliban?

It’s not friendly. The Taliban and Isis-K are regional enemies due to different ideologies and fierce competition for territory in the Khorasan region and beyond.

U.S. intelligence officials believe some of Isis-K’s recruits are Taliban defectors, while there have been unconfirmed reports that the Taliban have executed at least one senior Isis-K official since they took control of Afghanistan.

Earlier this year, the Taliban claimed to have wiped out Isis-K’s entire presence in northern Jowzjan province. He also seized the territory of the northwest held by Isis-K in recent weeks.

And in Jalalabad, a city in eastern Afghanistan, hundreds of Isis-K fighters surrendered to the Taliban.


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