What the Met Office says about the exact chances of a heat wave in August and when it would happen – .

What the Met Office says about the exact chances of a heat wave in August and when it would happen – .

Wales is unlikely to experience extended periods of stable weather before the end of August, according to the Met Office.
A few weeks ago, Wales was hit by a heat wave that saw the mercury rise above 30 with some pretty uncomfortable sweaty nights. Since then the weather has been quite changeable with some sunny spells but also our fair share of rain and thunderstorms.

With most people staying this year due to the virus, more attention than ever is being paid to what the weather is doing here in Wales in August with some rumors of yet another heat wave underway.

WalesOnline has contacted weather experts and meteorologists at the Met Office to find out if we are likely to see another period of warm weather during the summer break.

On Saturday:

The weather in Wales today

The temperature in Wales today

If you’ve been planning a barbecue today, you’d better be keeping your fingers crossed.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said: “Showers will remain widespread until Saturday with locally strong outbreaks and possible thunderstorms. Coastal areas will experience the strongest winds, although other areas will sometimes be as windy. Maximum temperature 19C. “

Outlook from Sunday to Tuesday:

Things are looking a little more settled in terms of rain in the first half of the week but the temperatures will not exceed the very low 20s.

“A little drier with scattered showers on Sunday, becoming more isolated on Monday with some possible sunny spells,” the Met Office spokesperson said. “Becoming drier on Tuesday with lots of sunny spells and feeling nice in the sun. ”

What about the rest of August?

The challenge for forecasters is that there is a lot of uncertainty over the rest of the month, which makes forecasting difficult. However, it seems likely that any sustained warm or steady weather won’t be until the end of the month.

The Met Office spokesperson told WalesOnline: “Looking then at the second half of the month, here is what we can say. While we may briefly see a more stable situation for a while in the middle of next week, conditions should change again.

“By the weekend of the 14 e /15 e there is an increasing likelihood that thicker clouds will initially bring rain to parts of the north-west of the UK, with stronger winds here, and these unstable conditions are expected to shift south-east to across the UK over the weekend.

“Beyond that, it is likely to remain variable; confidence is low in terms of detail, but most places are likely to experience showers or longer periods of rain interspersed with drier and more stable periods; these will probably become more frequent around the 20th e “Temperatures are expected to be around average, possibly warm in east and south-east Wales. Subsequently, although the confidence is very low, but a general trend towards more stable conditions is likely. ”

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