What Kyle Shanahan wants to see from Trey Lance – .

What Kyle Shanahan wants to see from Trey Lance – .

A lot will happen on Saturday when the 49ers open their preseason roster against the Kansas City Chiefs. One player in particular will have extra eyes on him when he steps onto the pitch: rookie quarterback Trey Lance. But what exactly would a successful night out look like for Lance?
Head coach Kyle Shanahan said Lance had to play most of the first half after starter Jimmy Garoppolo won the first series. While analysts, writers and fans will have their take on Lance’s performance, Shanahan took a look at what he was looking for in the No. 3 overall pick.

“I mean, I want to see him take command of the group,” Shanahan said. “There will actually be a game clock there. Just be aware of it. You know, sometimes you just feel right at home when you miss a game call or something like that. We can always meet again and I’ll give it back to you, but I won’t be able to speak after 15 seconds and it’s going to be quiet and what are we going to do? And how fast can we get it to the line and run it? And it’s also difficult when you play with a lot of guys which is also their first time. So you have to help people out a bit, but he’s going to have a lot to do and I’m just excited to see how he’s handling that.

The physical tools are extremely evident with Lance. It is the thoroughness that he will have to understand before the club is ready to hand him the keys to the offense. This includes commanding the squad, playing well, taking the shot, taking care of the football and all the other little things that ultimately become second nature to experienced quarterbacks.

All of this is where Lance is going to part ways because the physical ability is there. If he can take all those little things out and then go out and play with his speed and his big arm, he’ll set himself up for a lot of success in the next few weeks leading up to the regular season.


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