Webpage praising Trump’s ‘historic’ peace deal with the Taliban disappears from RNC website – .

Webpage praising Trump’s ‘historic’ peace deal with the Taliban disappears from RNC website – .

The webpage, which was published in September 2020, also said that Trump’s electoral rival Joe Biden had a “history of pushing for endless wars”

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A website page from the Republican National Committee (RNC) that praised former US President Donald Trump’s peace deal with the Taliban has disappeared after the Afghan government toppled over the weekend.

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The page, which first appeared on the RNC website during the 2020 presidential election, praised Trump’s “historic peace deal with the Taliban,” as well as the normalization of relations between the Serbia and Kosovo.

However, on Monday, The Independent reported that the page returned a 404 error and could to be seen only on Internet archive sites – the day after the Afghan president fled the country to “avoid bloodshed” as the Taliban entered the country’s capital, Kabul.

“The Trump administration has signed a preliminary peace deal with the Taliban that sets the stage for ending America’s longest war,” said the message, which was released on September 15, 2020.

‘The deal was called the’best chance to end this conflict,’ a ‘decisive gesture‘towards peace, and’the best way‘for the United States,’ he continued.

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The webpage’s disappearance was highlighted in an Insider article, which reported that the page referred to a February 2020 conditional peace deal between the former US president and the Taliban. He urged America to reduce the number of its troops in Afghanistan until the Taliban provide support to terrorist groups.

The page also went on to say that Trump’s electoral rival and current President Joe Biden had a “history of pushing for endless wars” – listing the number of times he had called for more troops to be deployed. in Afghanistan.

Although the RNC did not respond to initial requests for comment from Independent, his deputy chief of staff then objected to the claim that the organization had removed the webpage following the events in Afghanistan over the weekend.

“It’s so dishonest. We launched a new website last week… some of the old posts have yet to be carried over. Go watch, ”Deputy Chief of Staff Mike Reed wrote in a tweet. “But try to distract from those responsible for this disaster. ”

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RNC officials also told The Hill that the process of moving old posts to the new website is expected to be completed before the end of this year.

According to Initiated, three former US Presidents – George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Trump – all claimed the country was on the verge of leaving Afghanistan, but in April Biden kept his campaign pledge to do so, announcing that the American troops would withdraw.

As the Taliban overtook swathes of Afghan territory, just weeks after the United States withdrew most of its forces in early July, both Trump and Biden have blamed each other for the troubles in Afghanistan.

When the Taliban entered Kabul over the weekend, the two we and Canada closed their embassies in the country’s capital. Since then, the Prime Minister Justin trudeau said that Canada would not recognize the Taliban as the official Afghan government.


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