“We are sane people, not crazy people” Covid protester on masks, vaccines and protests at Mark Drakeford – .

“We are sane people, not crazy people” Covid protester on masks, vaccines and protests at Mark Drakeford – .

Two weeks ago, protesters marched through Cardiff city center.
Some were against the restrictions imposed by the government in the wake of the pandemic, some were protesting against the mask rules in Wales still in place, some against the mass vaccination program and some believe the pandemic is a hoax. The protest ended outside the private home of Prime Minister Mark Drakeford, a move that was almost universally criticized.

One of the protesters was James Wells, a former Brexit Party MEP who ran in the general and recent elections in Senedd. Prior to that he was Head of UK Trade and the Office for National Statistics and also Head of Business Inflation at the ONS. Mr. Wells did not attend Mr. Drakeford’s home.

He uses his social media to talk about periods, coronavirus vaccines and masks, which he doesn’t think people should have to wear.

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“I think what’s going on is politicians are realizing that they can make everyone wear masks, which increases the fear because you look around and you think ‘God, everything everyone is wearing a mask, something really bad has to be happening, “” he said, saying masks have limited use.

Mr Wells said he disagreed with the decision to go to the Prime Minister’s home, but dismissed claims that those involved are ‘crazy people’.

“We are sane people, smart people who look at all the information and draw conclusions that don’t necessarily agree with the government’s narrative but that doesn’t hurt us, and it doesn’t drive us crazy either.” , did he declare. noted.

Here are his comments on the masks, vaccinations and the protest at Mark Drakeford’s home in full.

Can you tell me where you stand in terms of masks and vaccinations?

On the masks, I think there’s probably a very, very limited reason to wear them and that’s in the very, very crowded areas. There may be an argument for this. Jonathan van tam

– he is deputy chief medical officer, he has been studying this as an expert for 15 years. It’s all on YouTube and he and many other scientists have shown that there is actually very, very, little effect that masks have to the point that it’s not even statistically significant.

I think what’s happening is that politicians are realizing that they can make everyone wear masks, which increases the fear because you look around and you think ‘God, everyone. world is wearing a mask, something really bad has to happen ”. It is used there just to remind us to escalate the fear.

I am therefore now against masks. All vulnerable groups have now been vaccinated. And by the way, I’m not anti-vax, I think for people in these risk groups they should get vaccinated because it is clear that any risk associated with vaccines – which are new, and they are still in period. test – any risk from this is much, much lower than their risk from Covid, so that makes perfect sense.

I think where it starts to get a little grayer is when you start looking at other risk profiles, especially when you start talking about kids and youth in their teens and twenties.

The government is coercing and using tactics, I mean it’s not just me – if you listen to Sir Graham Brady, the 1922 House of Commons committee leader Steve Baker and many other MPs now say – that in fact the government is using it to force young people to be vaccinated and there is no real medical argument for them to have it. They don’t run any risk personally, which makes some of the tactics they use quite unethical.

So you would wear a mask but chose not to be vaccinated?

Correct. I had Covid, I looked at all the data I looked at the science, the ONS studies. If you’ve had Covid you don’t need a vaccine, I would rather have my vaccine sent overseas to another country where they actually have vulnerable people who need the vaccines. I just think of this universal vaccination program where the government tries to vaccinate everyone, I am convinced that we don’t need to do this to protect the whole population and achieve collective immunity.

You were part of the demonstration in Cardiff, what was your motivation?

I just want to say up front too, I don’t organize the protests, I don’t know who the organizers are. The police contacted me last week.

I participate in the protests, because in fact I believe in the cause. And I also want to document it for social media so other people can see what’s going on. In terms of goals it’s a bit fragmented, there are all kinds of views and opinions, from the extreme I would probably say there are people who are just against vaccines per se. , this is not my position and a lot of other people walking, it is not their position. So it’s hard to say that there is only one goal.

I would say that right now there are two main things everyone agrees on protests on: one is vaccine passports, we are against the vaccine passport, and we are also against coercion and immunization of children.

James Wells is a former Welsh MEP

At the end of the day what we want to do is force the government to back down and it is not just us who are protesting. You have a very large number of Conservative members, who are starting to talk about it, and members of other parties, so it’s a big movement. I know part of the press would like to paint us as anti-vaccines, anti-containment freaks – “5G is the source of it all.” There may be factions that think so, but they are certainly not the majority.

We have seen video footage of protesters shouting at passers-by or people who were on the streets last week, telling them to take off their masks. Is it correct?

No, I don’t think so. And I think the main thing for me is, in fact, what we stand for for the majority of us is free choice. And I’m not talking about when we are in a situation of overcrowding, but walking down the main street for example. It is a free choice if people want to wear masks, so I might think that in fact it is not necessary to wear it while walking on the main street in the open air, but I don’t think it or just tell people to take them off.

More importantly, it’s actually counterproductive to the goals of the protest community because what we want to do is make more people understand that we need to stop vaccine passports. And we want to get our information out.

The reason I posted this tweet is because I think yelling at people on the streets to take off their masks doesn’t help because it makes us look aggressive and critical, and it certainly doesn’t the people in the bosom he portrays to us. like aggressive maniacs to be honest with you.

You were not part of the group that went to the Prime Minister, but do you think people were right to go there?

I chose not to go to the Prime Minister because, again, I think it is counterproductive. It was obvious to me how it’s going to be presented in the media and also, what’s it like to come out of his house to scream?

I am not, however, going to condemn the protesters and I am not going to say whether it is right or wrong because what I understand is how scared, scared, confused and frustrated a lot of people are.

If you had looked back three years, you wouldn’t have believed what happened in the past 18 months. The politicians were able to tell us that we are not allowed to leave our homes. They told us who we can and can’t see, they have stopped seeing close family and now the government is talking about bringing passes to enter the pub, and even go to college unless ‘have been vaccinated.

I think people are afraid for the future and what is going on in the country so and I think they don’t know what to do, they are frustrated. There doesn’t seem to be a political voice for these people and so they are frustrated at not knowing what to do. So I understand why they want to go somewhere and be heard. And they certainly did because BBC Wales, Wales Online and ITV all reported it, but unfortunately it was counterproductive to what we want because everything is reported in a negative way.

We have a home of Welsh democracy, we have the Senedd. If people wanted a place to go, wouldn’t that be the smartest place to be rather than a private home of a man who lives with his family?

I think so. I don’t know if Mark Drakeford has young kids or anything, but that’s my concern. He’s a politician, that’s good, he must be accountable to the people. But his family, his neighbors, they are not. Personally, I think we should find other ways and places to definitely focus our attention.

We are not a bunch of fools. Members are starting to speak out about this now and get involved, so it’s very important that I think the general public watching this realizes that. With any move like this you’ll get the extremes, but that’s why I want us to start behaving like we’re not extreme – because that’s important, because otherwise the general public look and just think we’re a bunch of crazy people and that doesn’t help.

We are sane people, smart people who go through all the information and come to conclusions that don’t necessarily agree with the government’s rhetoric, but that doesn’t hurt us, and it doesn’t drive us crazy either.

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