Watch Guns N ‘Roses launch new song’ Absurd ‘ – .

Watch Guns N ‘Roses launch new song’ Absurd ‘ – .

Guns N ‘Roses debuted what Axl Rose described as “a new Guns N’ Roses song” tonight in Boston.
“Some of you may have heard this by another name,” noted the iconic leader. “But it’s really a bit absurd for us to try this out,” Rose quipped, earning a rimshot from drummer Frank Ferrer. “Wasn’t that funny? And they don’t even know the joke yet. Okay, it’s called “Absurd”.

From there, Guns N ‘Roses embarked on what (arguably) sounds like one of the toughest pieces in their arsenal. Lightning drums and frenzied punk rock beats propelled the song, as Rose unleashed her aggressive vocals in a Rage Against the Machine style.

“Listen motherfuckers this song that should be heard / Dragged down the gutters, it’s more than you deserve / Scream fucking banshee, you know that’s what you are / Pussy full of maggots, this is not so absurd. “

Videos from the show are available below.

The track sounds a lot like “Silkworms”, a song by Chinese democracy sessions (also integrated below). According to, GNR performed “Silkworms” four times in 2001, the last one being at a New Years concert at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. It has not been performed in concert since.

Unlike “Silkworms”, “Absurd” features groaning guitar parts courtesy of Slash. The iconic ax carrier delivered jaw-dropping riffs at various points in Boston’s performance. “Absurd” also appears to be missing from the larger electronic elements found in “Silkworms”.

While it might not be an entirely new composition, “Absurd” marks the closest thing to new GNR material since the classic reunion reunited in 2016. In April 2020, Susan Holmes McKagan, wife bassist Duff McKagan, revealed that the band had been “meticulously working on new things that kill.” His statement echoed a similar comment from Slash, who had said months earlier that “things (were happening)” within the group.

The current Guns N ‘Roses tour is scheduled to run through October, with stops across America.

Watch Guns N ‘Roses play’ Absurd ‘

Watch Guns N ‘Roses play’ Absurd ‘

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