Vettel wanted to “support those who suffer” with pride – .

Vettel wanted to “support those who suffer” with pride – .

In the roundup: Sebastian Vettel was perplexed by the offensive that some have made on the T-shirt he wore in Hungary.

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Vettel disappointed with reaction to rainbow pride shirt

Vettel wore a t-shirt with the ‘same love’ slogan and the colors of the LGBTQ + pride rainbow at the We Race As One just before the Hungarian Grand Prix. The Aston Martin driver, who criticized Hungary’s new law banning gay people from appearing in TV programs or educational material aimed at under-18s, was disappointed by the backlash it elicited from from some. “It’s disappointing that a few colors in a different order make such a difference,” said Vettel. “We all stand in the rain before the race on this mat and we all have these cute slogans and yet that seems to be a problem for some. I do not understand. It’s a sad world in some ways.

“If it helps to support these people who are suffering in countries that are part of the European Union, I am happy to speak.

Hamilton “really, really proud” of Ocon for his first win

Ocon is a ‘wonderful guy,’ said Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton warmly congratulated Esteban Ocon, a former Mercedes junior driver still managed by the team, after his victory in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

“Esteban is such a wonderful guy, he’s really nice, super respectful,” said Hamilton. “I have always had a good relationship with him. I remember when he was on our team, watching and trying to learn as much as he could.

“I was so happy to see him get a seat here and then facing you against the two-time world champion is not easy. And he really does it like a duck in the water.

“So I’m really, really proud of him and I wish him much more success. Hope that gives this team a boost and I hope they improve over the course of the year and we will see a closer race with them.

Tsunoda had “the worst week of racing” so far before the chaotic grand prix

Tsunoda bounced back from Friday’s crash

After his crash in practice and his elimination in Q1, Yuki Tsunoda had a bad start to the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend. He said it was on top of his least successful event in F1 so far, until the first-round drama upended the order.

“It was good at the end,” Tsunoda said. ” [If it had been] like a normal race i don’t know if i could have taken points or not i would say.

“For me it was the worst week of racing until qualifying or this year’s race. So I really have to analyze and try to work hard to find out what the problem is and we will be back in Spa.

Ricciardo is looking forward to summer vacation after “70 long laps”

Daniel Ricciardo said he looked forward to a break after finishing out of points in a joyless Hungarian Grand Prix where he suffered a lot of damage from the start.

“I don’t want another race after this,” said the McLaren driver. “It was a long 70 or 68 laps, whatever it was at the end.

“I want to get away a bit, but actually I have tests, I’m testing here on Wednesday so I’m going to stay on the game for another 72 hours and then run away. The last weekends have been busy so I’m going to stop for a bit.

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