Val Kilmer goes through ‘exhausting’ cancer recovery – .

Val Kilmer goes through ‘exhausting’ cancer recovery – .

Val Kilmer is doing as well as you might expect after his battle with throat cancer, his children say.

Kilmer’s daughter Mercedes and son Jack provided an update on the actor’s health on Wednesday, about five years after beating the illness that left him with long-term complications.

” He is fine. … Still recovering, ”Mercedes, 29, told Extra. “The healing process is just as exhausting as the disease itself. “

Jack, 26, added: “Everyone has been so supportive of me; it makes me emotional. It’s really beautiful to see people come together.

Kilmer, 61, confirmed he had cancer in April 2017 after years of speculation. Later that year, he revealed how the diagnosis had changed him.

“I was too serious,” he told The Hollywood Reporter at the time. “I got mad when things like the Oscars and recognition didn’t happen to me. “

Val-Kilmer and 2019
Val Kilmer, pictured in 2019, “is doing well” amid his battle with cancer.
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Mercedes and Jack, who are also actors, have helped produce Amazon’s upcoming documentary about their father, “Val.” It debuted at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival in July and hits Prime Video this Friday.

Jack must have spoken for his father in the film, as Kilmer revealed that undergoing “intensive radiation and chemotherapy … [his] voice disturbances.

“I’m still recovering, and it’s hard to speak and be understood,” he said.

The documentary features home videos and several bombshells, including that Kilmer didn’t want to do ‘Top Gun’ but ‘was under contract with the studio, so [he] didn’t really have a choice.

Mercedes told Entertainment Tonight that the documentary made her “emotional.”

“I wouldn’t say things surprised me about my dad. She is such an open person that I know very well, ”she said. “But it really surprised me to see him with an audience. I’m so used to people not understanding my dad. I’m so used to his public image being different from the upbeat, funny person we know.


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