US strikes Islamic State in Afghanistan after deadly attack on Kabul – .

US strikes Islamic State in Afghanistan after deadly attack on Kabul – .

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States launched a drone strike against a “planner” of an Islamic State attack in eastern Afghanistan, the military said on Friday, a day after a suicide bombing at Kabul airport killed 13 American soldiers and dozens of Afghan civilians.

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President Joe Biden on Thursday vowed that the United States would track down those responsible for the attack, saying he had ordered the Pentagon to come up with plans to strike the perpetrators.

The US central command said the strike took place in Nangarhar province, east of Kabul and on the border with Pakistan.

“The first indications are that we have killed the target. We don’t know of any civilian casualties, ”a US military statement said. He did not say whether the target was linked to the airport attack.

A US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the strike was directed against an Islamic State activist who was planning future attacks.

A mower drone, which took off from the Middle East, struck the activist while in a car with an Islamic State associate, the official said. Both were reportedly killed, the official added.

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Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K), an affiliate of militants who have previously fought US forces in Syria and Iraq, said it carried out Thursday’s attack, which killed dozens, including Afghans trying to leave the country.

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In addition to the 13 US soldiers killed, 18 wounded were airlifted to Germany.

There are around 5,000 US troops at Kabul airport, helping to evacuate US citizens, at-risk Afghans and other nationalities before the deadline set by Biden on Tuesday.

Thursday’s attack marked the first US military casualties in Afghanistan since February 2020 and represented the deadliest incident for US troops in a decade.

“We won’t forgive, we won’t forget. We’re going to hunt you down and make you pay, ”said Biden, who lost the support of independent voters as the Delta variant spreads in remarks at the White House Thursday.

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He seemed to struggle with his tears, and his voice broke with emotion as he spoke of the deceased American “heroes.” He ordered that the flags of the White House and public buildings across the country be hoisted.

Biden defended his handling of his most serious foreign policy crisis, saying it was ultimately his responsibility while placing some of the blame on his predecessor, Republican Donald Trump, for the 2020 deal that Trump negotiated with. the Taliban.

US forces in Kabul anticipated another attack by Islamic State militants.

Late Friday, the U.S. Embassy warned that Americans should avoid going to the airport due to security threats, and those at the abbey gates, east, north or the Interior Ministry should leave immediately.


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