US House entitled to some of Trump’s financial records – .

US House entitled to some of Trump’s financial records – .

WASHINGTON – House Democrats who have spent years investigating Donald Trump are entitled to some of the former president’s financial records, a federal judge ruled on Wednesday.

The decision by U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta in Washington allowing Congress to hold the files is the latest development of multi-year legal and political skirmishes over access to finances tightly held by Trump. But this is unlikely to be the last word on the matter given the expected calls. The United States Supreme Court has already ruled once.

The problem is a request from Democrats on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, which in 2019 and again last February assigned Trump’s accounting firm Mazars USA for the records.

In his order, Mehta wrote that although he had previously dismissed Trump’s challenge to the subpoena and allowed the committee’s request for documents to “proceed without qualification,” a 2020 Supreme Court opinion required a new analysis in favor of more limited access to records than what lawmakers initially wanted.

The opinion cited separation of powers issues as saying that while Congress has significant power to demand personal information from the president, it is not unlimited.

Applying the factors set out by the High Court, Mehta wrote that the House was entitled to a smaller sample of Trump’s financial records.

Representative Carolyn Maloney, a Democrat from New York and chair of the committee, said in a statement: conflicts of interest, self-dealing and constitutional violations. “

She said she was delighted the judge found the committee was entitled to “eight years of financial information” on the government’s lease agreement with the Trump Organization for the former post office building, the location of the Trump International Hotel, “as well as a larger body of information on the first two years of Mr. Trump’s presidency.”

Maloney added: “While it is disappointing that the Court, although it found that the entire subpoena served valid legislative purposes, reduced the subpoena in some respects, the Committee is actively considering the next. steps.

Separately, the Justice Department’s legal counsel’s office said in a notice last month that the Treasury Department must provide the House Ways and Means Committee with Trump’s tax returns. This notice stated that the chairman of the committee “has given sufficient reasons to request the tax information from the former chairman” and that under federal law, “the Treasury must provide the information to the committee.”

The committee’s search for documents overlaps with other documents that have already been disclosed to investigators. In 2020, for example, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. in his request for Trump’s tax records, although the ruling kept the documents out of public view. Vance’s office took possession of these files in February.


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