US ‘Archbishop’ touts bleach as Covid ‘miracle cure’ in Colombian prison cell

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The head of a fake church who is in prison in Colombia awaiting extradition to the United States to stand trial for selling bleach as a “miracle cure” for Covid-19 continues to boast life-threatening products from his prison cell via social media and text messages.

The Guardian has learned that Mark Grenon, who calls himself “the archbishop” of the “church” Genesis II, is distributing bleach to at least 75 other prisoners at La Picota penitentiary in Bogotá, where he is. held in captivity. He revealed that he got the drug through secret channels and that chemicals were plentiful in the prison.

“You can’t get it outside, but we have it inside,” he said on a phone call, a recording of which was heard by the Guardian. He added that more than 75 prisoners were taking the “cure” as a cure for a range of illnesses, including diabetes and gastritis.

Grenon appears to have used a clandestine phone, which allows him to stay in full contact with the outside world and the internet despite facing serious criminal charges in the United States regarding his water trafficking activities. Bleach. He regularly advocates bleach as a miracle cure from his prison cell using private pages on Facebook and the Telegram mobile messaging app.

Grenon and three of his sons were indicted by a grand jury in Miami in April. They face potentially long prison sentences for fraudulently marketing and selling a product they call MMS or “Miracle Mineral Solution”, which they say is a miracle cure for Covid, cancer, malaria and many others. diseases.

In fact, the chemicals are commonly used as bleach in textiles and other industrial processes.

Grenon’s son, Joseph, is being held with him in La Picota. The other two sons, Jonathan and Jordan, are in jail in Miami awaiting trial scheduled for March.

The United States Food and Drug Administration has attempted in recent months to crack down on illegal sales of bleach products as miracle cures. The agency has issued stern warnings that the chemicals can be fatal when consumed.

The FDA describes MMS as a “powerful bleach generally used for industrial water treatment or textile, pulp and paper bleaching.” The agency says imbibing it can cause severe diarrhea and vomiting which in turn can lower blood pressure with life-threatening consequences.

Fiona O’Leary, an activist against medical disinformation, said Grenon’s ongoing activities from prison were of great concern. “The man is laundering other prisoners and continues to distribute bleach to parents of young children. It endangers young lives.

Among Grenon’s recent private messages on Facebook, there is one in which he complains about his treatment at the hands of the FDA. “What would you do if this happened to you?” ” he wrote. “Taken by the legal system to prevent you from helping people to be healthy.” “

Despite his imprisonment, Grenon remains a central medical disinformation. He broadcasts anti-vaxxer videos trying to dissuade people from getting vaccinated against Covid.

He also continues to encourage parents of children as young as six who have been infected with Covid to bathe their children in a bleach solution and have them swallow bleach powder. in capsule form as a purported remedy for the disease.

“The kids are doing pretty well,” he said in an exchange with a parent of a six-year-old. “Give the child two or three drops [of bleach] every two hours.


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