Urgent warning issued to all ATM users as scammers target ATMs – .

Urgent warning issued to all ATM users as scammers target ATMs – .

A warning has been issued to ATM users as crooks target ATMs across the country in an attempt to steal hard-earned money.
Customers who withdraw cash have been urged to remain vigilant after images of crooks tampering with machines were spread.

The images were posted on social media in an attempt to warn others.

The warning affects people who withdraw money from banks like HSBC, Natwest, Santander, Lloyd’s – and even supermarkets like ASDA and Tesco.

In the new scam, scammers trick people into believing that there is only one niche for withdrawals and deposits.

With this trick, customers’ money is accessible as the ATM withdrawal slot is concealed by a plastic cover, with only the deposit slot visible.

The customer is tricked into believing the ATM is out of service because nothing is being dispensed, unaware that there is in fact a separate window for withdrawals.

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Once the customer walks away, the criminal walks up to the machine, opens the cover of the correct ATM, and pockets the money.

The scam was reported after a TikTok user filmed himself using a suspicious hole in the wall, the Mirror reports.

In the video, customer Hasan Mahmood wonders why his money was not distributed.

He then discovers a sign above the ATM that indicates that the deposits are currently out of service.

The customer is made to assume that the safe is the same one that the money is dispensed from – which is currently down.

However, he then discovered a plastic cover on a separate part of the cash dispenser.

He is seen peeling off the plastic cover where his money is.

In the filmed clip, the customer used a Nationwide Building Society cash machine, but other banks that include safes are likely to be affected.

The construction company said customers of The Mirror should always check for suspicious activity before withdrawing money in public.


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