UK records lowest number of Covid cases since end of June – .

UK records lowest number of Covid cases since end of June – .

China is now urging people not to travel unless necessary, after a Covid-19 outbreak in Nanjing city spread to other cities.

Cases of Covid-19 were first identified among workers at a Nanjing international airport on July 20.

Since then, state media have confirmed that cases have been detected in 15 provincial-level regions, many of which are the Delta variant. There are 31 provincial-level regions in mainland China.

Nanjing-related cases have been identified in major cities like Chengdu and Beijing, and have led to local lockdowns.

New cases have now been detected in Wuhan city, the original epicenter of Covid-19, for the first time since June 2020. There are also cases in Zhengzhou, a city that has experienced devastating flooding in recent times. last few weeks.

China has not experienced a generalized epidemic like this since the start of the year, when an epidemic in the northeastern city of Shijiazhuang spread to several eastern provinces.

Nanjing State Daily confirmed today that a special quarantine base with 2,000 rooms will now be built to treat patients in the city.

Transport links to and from Nanjing have been largely suspended and residents are currently undergoing a fourth round of Covid-19 tests. Nanjing has a population of 9.2 million people.


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