Twenty-seven passengers catch Covid on cruise – .

Twenty-seven passengers catch Covid on cruise – .

Some 27 passengers were infected with Covid-19 during a cruise.
The outbreak occurred aboard Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Vista ship, which docked in Belize on Wednesday.

All travelers who test positive for the virus have already been fully vaccinated.

“We are handling a small number of Covid cases aboard Vista,” a spokesperson for Carnival said.

“The guests on board the previous and current navigation have been informed and, in particular on the current navigation, the captain has made at least two announcements about it. “

Most of those infected are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, according to a statement from the Belize Tourism Board.

He added that 99.98% of the 1,441 crew members and 96.5% of the 2,895 passengers on board have been vaccinated.

Passengers who tested positive for the coronavirus have been isolated and contact tracing has ended.

Other cruisers have been authorized to disembark in Belize for scheduled excursions.

However, they had to provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test to disembark – those who could not meet this requirement were subjected to “random testing” conducted by the Belize Department of Health and Welfare.

“Additional protocols have been put in place, including increased wearing of masks indoors, the use of N95 masks by the crew, crew social areas have been closed and on the next departure, all guests will need a rapid negative test they are vaccinated, ”the Belize tourism board said.

He added that the Belize Department of Health and Welfare had carried out an inspection of the protocols aboard the Carnival Vista and was “satisfied to have been able to verify that the measures put in place by the vessel are meticulous and deemed very effective ”.


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