Trudeau posed for selfies as threat to Afghan allies increased – .

Trudeau posed for selfies as threat to Afghan allies increased – .

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If only Justin Trudeau had been as serious about keeping our Afghan allies safe in Canada as he was accepting 25,000 Syrian refugees after becoming prime minister in 2015.

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If he had, his government would not be in a desperate race to bring Afghan interpreters and other civilians to Canada who worked with our soldiers during their 13-year military mission in Afghanistan.

That is, get them out before the Taliban, who consider them traitors, find them and their families.

This crisis did not start a week ago when Kabul fell to the Taliban.

It’s a crisis because as Trudeau posed for selfies with planes laden with Syrian refugees in 2015, his government would continue to ignore six years of warnings about the growing threat our Afghan allies face.

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The Syrian refugees that Canada accepted from 2015 were victims of a civil war. It was a legitimate humanitarian effort.

But while this was happening, Trudeau and his government ignored increasingly desperate warnings from Canadian soldiers who had served in Afghanistan about their Afghan colleagues in danger.

They ignored warnings from reporters like Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun, who, as of 2016, described the growing dangers that performers and their families, numbering in the hundreds, face from the Taliban.

They ignored warnings from Afghan interpreters and their families who sought refuge in Canada as part of a program launched by Stephen Harper’s Conservative government in 2009.

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Critics complained that the program disqualified legitimate applicants because its requirements were too strict and arbitrary.

But at least there was a program and 800 Afghan allies and their families were brought to Canada under that program.

In contrast, Trudeau’s lack of priority in helping Canada’s Afghan allies came to light in the weeks leading up to the fall of Kabul, as they demanded acceptance by Canada.

Living in a war zone, hunted down by the Taliban, they had only three days to fill out complicated forms online, in English, assuming they had access to a computer, while the government inbox for the forms broke down.

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“The way the program has been put in place to get people to apply now seems to put more barriers in place than is possible for people to manage, especially in a three day period given lack of internet access… ”Howard Coombs, a veteran and military historian of the Royal Military College of Canada, told CTV.

The Trudeau government fixed the mailbox and called the three-day deadline a mistake, but it shows how oblivious it was to the situation in Afghanistan.

Former Global News anchor Kevin Newman summed up the Trudeau government’s failure in a scathing report released by The Line on Friday. The title says it all.

“Kabul shows the unflattering truth: Canada is slow, fearful and selfish.

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Trudeau admitted last week that with the Taliban in charge, it would be “almost impossible” to get everyone out for now.

“Everyone” means 20,000 Afghan refugees Trudeau said Canada would accept.

But these are people who have already fled Afghanistan and it is not an increase in the total number of refugees that Canada will accept.

This also does not include our Afghan allies, who are in immediate danger, desperately trying to get to the airport through streets controlled by the Taliban.

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