Toyota shows two ways to tune new GR 86 using Gazoo racing parts – .

Toyota shows two ways to tune new GR 86 using Gazoo racing parts – .

The Toyota 86, or GR 86 as it is now called, was and still is a preparers’ delight. We have seen many times how it can be tuned in different ways, but now let Toyota show you how it is done in two ways using Gazoo Racing parts: GR parts and the GR parts concept.

The two aftermarket parts are more for cosmetic upgrades, but are different from each other. The GR Parts is the low-key melody while the GR Parts Concept cries out for attention. Take a look at the galleries below to see the distinction.

For starters, chrome rims? According to Toyota, the GR 86 GR Parts Concept is a study car used for the development of GR parts. These parts include the front fender and canards on the bumper, as well as a large intake duct on the top of the grille. The fenders also receive air outlets, while side skirts and a 19-inch forged aluminum wheel set are prominent on the sides. The rear is also fitted with four tailpipes that are supposed to enhance the sound of the GR 86 and, of course, the massive GT wing that works with the rear diffuser with large vertical fins to generate massive downforce.

Besides the aerodynamic improvement evident from the added eros and kits, Toyota also optimized the stiffness of the sports car’s body, as well as the customization of the intake and exhaust system to increase power output. The figures were not disclosed, however.

The GR 86 GR Parts, on the other hand, is more subtle and more prone to urban-style tuning, according to Toyota. A number of parts have been added including front canards, side skirts, side visor, fender duct spoiler, rear bumper spoiler with four exhaust tips, fuel cover trim and 19-inch forged aluminum wheels with safety locknut. Inside, the upgrades continue with a panel set, a knee pad and, yes, a key cover with carbon fiber print.

Upgrades aren’t all appearances, however. GR 86 GR parts also benefit from a GR suspension kit to improve handling and a larger GR monoblock brake kit.


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