Top Democratic, EU counterparts slam US-German Nord Stream 2 deal – .

Top Democratic, EU counterparts slam US-German Nord Stream 2 deal – .

Joint statement by SFRC President Robert Menendez and Chairs of Foreign Affairs Committees in Estonia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, UK and Lithuania offers broad reprimand of the agreement announced by the Biden administration at the end of July, where Germany agreed to take a series of measures intended to mitigate the risks to European energy security, to Ukraine and to the countries of the Union European Union and NATO close to Russian borders. In the past, Russia has cut off the energy supply of other countries, including Ukraine.

The joint statement says that the completion of Nord Stream 2 “will enhance the impact of Russian gas in the European energy mix, endanger the national security of EU member states and the United States, and threaten the security and the already precarious sovereignty of Ukraine ”. saying that this “will give Russia another tool to exert pressure and blackmail Ukraine”.

“We must collectively commit to increasing support for Ukraine’s security and defense capabilities in order to avoid a worsening of the current security crisis, exacerbated by the threats created by Nord Stream 2.”

The presidents “insist that any other deal on Nord Stream 2 requires consultations within the transatlantic family. The vital national security interests of central and eastern Europe. “

The joint statement called for “NATO commitments to strengthen deterrence, especially on the eastern flank of the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea” and a commitment “to provide a roadmap for Ukraine’s path. towards NATO membership, if Ukraine makes the necessary reforms and meets NATO membership standards.
“To consolidate the transformation efforts of the Ukrainian government as well as democracy and human rights in the region, we ask that a prospect of EU membership be agreed for Ukraine,” he said. -he declares.

Officials in the Biden administration maintained their opposition to the pipeline, but said the project was too advanced to stop its completion.

“Nord Stream is 99% complete. The idea that something was going to be said or done was going to stop it was not possible, ”President Joe Biden said. “But I had, as you know, very, very fruitful discussions with Angela Merkel and she is working, as well as with the German government, on a commitment that suggests that if in fact Russia bother to inflict deliberately suffering to Ukraine or to other countries, they will react. “

A senior State Department official said at the time of the announcement of the deal with Berlin that they “had come to the conclusion that sanctions would not stop its construction and risk undermining a critical alliance with the Germany, as well as with the EU and other European allies ”.

The move has sparked anger and opposition from bipartisan US lawmakers as well as Eastern European countries including Ukraine, whose President Volodymyr Zelensky is due to visit the White House in late August.


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