Tom Cruise, Moto, Base Jump

Tom Cruise, Moto, Base Jump

Tom Cruise climbs onto the side of a helicopter in Mission: Impossible — Fallout.

If you thought that this waterfall in Mission : Impossible—Fallout was nuts, wait until you see what Tom Cruise does in Mission : Impossible 7.
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Just like the Fast and furious films, the Mission impossible movies always raise the bar. Tom Cruise first climbs onto the Burj Khalifa, then hangs onto the side of a plane, then dive from a plane greater than what should be humanly possible. And this trend will continue with Mission : Impossible 7, which is currently scheduled for release on May 27, 2022.

During Paramount presentation at CinemaCon 2021, exhibitors were treated to a 10-minute video detailing Cruise’s latest stunt. This one will see him riding a motorbike off a real cliff, jumping off the motorbike into the air, freefalling for a few seconds, then parachuting down a huge gorge. And, of course, it’s actually Tom Cruise who does that. Not a stuntman. So he had to train and train a lot to be able to withdraw though.

Over the course of a year, Cruise completed approximately 500 parachute jumps, sometimes 30 in a day, as well as 13,000 motocross jumps on a specially constructed track. This was all done to ensure that Cruise was a complete expert in not only basic jumping and parachuting, but motocross as well. He would need to be all of these things to pull off the stunt that day.

But just Make the waterfall is not enough. Director Christopher McQuarrie and his team needed to capture it. So, while Cruise was training, McQuarrie and his team were testing new cameras, lenses, as well as brand new tech and drones to make sure they would be able to capture the stunt as close as possible. (You don’t have a Tom Cruise train for an entire year if the audience can’t actually see him do the stunt onscreen.) McQuarrie’s team also built a model of the ramp that would eventually be used in a career and had cruising simulations run with a special GPS chip. That way, they could calculate and predict all the different paths where Cruise might get off the bike, where the bike would land, everything.

Meanwhile, the real ramp had to be built in Norway, in a location so far away that every part had to be flown by helicopter. Months and months of construction and preparation culminated in the first day of filming Mission : Impossible 7, that’s when they immediately knocked out the movie’s biggest shot. Here is a picture of this ramp.

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And that day, as you can imagine, since you haven’t seen any reports about the disappearance of one of the biggest stars in cinema, all the training and preparation paid off. Cruise did the stunt no one, no two, but six times, trying each time to hold on to the bike more, pulls his parachute a little later, anything to make it more dramatic and exciting.

In the end, McQuarrie said the only thing scarier than doing what his team considered to be the greatest stunt in movie history, which they had planned Mission : Impossible 8.

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