Time’s Up frontman quits after criticism of Cuomo links – .

Time’s Up frontman quits after criticism of Cuomo links – .

NEW YORK – The leader of Time’s Up, the #MeToo-era organization dedicated to combating sexual harassment, resigned Monday under fire for advising Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration in its efforts to discredit one of Cuomo’s accusers.

Time’s Up said in a tweet that it agreed with Roberta Kaplan that stepping down as chairman of the group’s board of directors was “the right and proper thing to do.”

A report released last week by the New York attorney general found Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women. The allegations put the Democrat’s career in extreme jeopardy, threatening him with the possibility of impeachment and criminal charges.

Kaplan, who also has his own law firm, advised the administration last winter when Cuomo was struck by the first of the harassment allegations, brought by former economic development adviser Lindsey Boylan.

Kaplan and Alphonso David, head of the Human Rights Campaign, were both consulted at the time by the Cuomo administration, which wrote a letter attacking Boylan’s credibility. Kaplan and David agreed to review the letter.

According to the attorney general’s report, Kaplan told the administration that with some tweaking, the letter would be good to send. David refused to sign the letter but agreed to contact other people to see if they would. Other advisers, however, said it was a bad idea, and the letter was never widely distributed.

Kaplan’s role in advising the Cuomo administration has stunned victims of sexual assault and others. Several former Time’s Up supporters sent an open letter on Monday demanding an investigation, accusing the organization’s leaders of “lining up with the attackers to the detriment of the survivors.”

“TIME’S UP should be ashamed of itself,” the letter said.

In her resignation letter, Kaplan said she “reluctantly came to the conclusion that active legal practice is no longer compatible” with serving on the Time’s Up board.

In addition to advising the Cuomo administration, Kaplan had more recently done legal work representing Melissa DeRosa, one of Cuomo’s top collaborators who resigned Sunday after the attorney general’s report described her as playing a central role in the lawsuits. retaliatory efforts against Boylan.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Campaign said it was launching an investigation into the “relevance” of David’s actions.

Kaplan co-founded Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund in 2018, which helps women who experience sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

She successfully represented Edith Windsor before the United States Supreme Court in 2013, winning the case that struck down laws against same-sex marriage in the United States. She then published a book on the case, “Then Comes Marriage”.

Kaplan also represents writer E. Jean Carroll, who filed a defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump in 2019 over his claim that the former president raped her in a department store dressing room in the 1990s. Trump has denied Carroll’s allegations.

Carroll backed Kaplan in a tweet on Monday.

“Robbie Kaplan is my lawyer and will always be my lawyer. She overthrew DOMA which inaugurated gay rights. She fights the Nazis in Charlottesville. She leads the battle for gender equality in women’s sport. She’s the best lawyer in America !! she wrote.


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