The Suicide Squad is aiming for the top spot at the weekend box office! – .

The Suicide Squad is aiming for the top spot at the weekend box office! – .

THE SUICIDE SQUAD shoots first!

The second mission of the DC Comics Villains team fought at the top of the box office this weekend as THE SUICIDE SQUAD opened with an estimate $ 26.5 million!

Director James Gunn’s (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, SLITHER) R-Rated Massacre had the best opening for an R-rated film to hit theaters during the pandemic. The release of Warner Bros. had a stronger national opening than the other R-rated films that also debuted simultaneously on their HBO Max streaming service in 2021, surpassing MORTAL KOMBAT’s $ 23.3 million and starting $ 24.1 million. dollars for THE CONJURING: THE DEVIL MADE MAKE ME.

THE SUICIDE SQUAD also opened up more than the $ 16.4 million DC Comics adaptation WONDER WOMAN 1984 (the studio’s first simultaneous HBO Max premiere), though that movie only made it to half of the number. screens last December when cinemas were still struggling to reopen their doors. .

Sadly, these are about the only bragging points that can be claimed by THE SUICIDE SQUAD, which the studio expected to make $ 30 million or more when it opens. R-ranked Harley Quinn headliner BIRDS OF PREY started with $ 33 million in February 2020 before stalling at $ 82 million domestic and $ 201 million globally just before the global shutdown began . (The R-rated but not DCEU JOKER film opened with $ 96.2 million and ended with $ 335 million domestically and $ 1.07 billion globally at the end of 2019.)

The first attempt with the comic property, David Ayer’s trouble SUICIDE SQUAD, was a surprise success in August 2016 with a record national opening of $ 133 million. This PG-13 version, with Will Smith as the big name among consumable anti-heroes, resulted in $ 325 million domestic and $ 746 million worldwide (a higher gross amount than MAN OF STEEL and JUSTICE DC LEAGUE).

Not strictly a direct sequel or reboot, the new costumed Carnage brings back Joel Kinnaman, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, and Jai Courtney from the 2016 film, and adds familiar faces like Idris Elba, John Cena, David Dastmalchian, and a whole bunch of others. others who may or may not survive to the end (probably not).

The irreverent bloodshed also raised $ 45.7 million from international territories for a worldwide total of $ 72.2 million, at a cost that reportedly reached $ 185 million.

Critics seemed content with the massacre, giving the film a 92% average on rotten tomatoes and one 74 Metacritic score. Aim for JoBlo review HERE.

Dwayne Johnson / Emily Blunt adventure fell to second place JUNGLE CRUISE with $ 15.6 million, losing 55% of activity since it opened in the lead last weekend.

The PG-13 movie based on the Disney theme park attraction has a ten-day nationwide total of $ 65.3 million and $ 121.8 million worldwide, at a reported cost of $ 200 million. (The movie can also be viewed on the Disney + streaming platform for an additional $ 30.)

Horror thriller PG-13 snagged in third place OLD WOMAN with $ 4.14 million during his third weekend. Filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan’s $ 18 million Universal film has a domestic total of $ 38.5 million and $ 65.1 million worldwide.

In fourth place was Marvel’s BLACK WIDOW with $ 4 million on its fifth weekend. The superhero action film PG-13 (which has sparked contractual disputes with Disney for its availability on the Disney + service) has a nationwide total of $ 174.3 million and $ 359.7 million in the world, at a reported cost of $ 200 million.

Le thriller R-rated de Matt Damon STILL WATER remained in fifth place with $ 2.86 million, down 45% since it opened last weekend. Universal’s Focus Features’ $ 20 million drama has a ten-day nationwide total of $ 10 million.

In sixth place was the R-rated period fantasy THE GREEN KNIGHT with $ 2.59 million, a reduction of 62% from the opening last week. The King Arthur Legend Twist has a nationwide ten-day total of $ 12.1 million, out of a reported cost of $ 15 million.

The PG-rated animated / live-action sequel SPACE JAM: A NEW LEGACY was in seventh place with $ 2.47 million. After four weekends on screens (and HBO Max), the $ 150 million release of Warner Bros. has a national total of $ 65.7 million and $ 135.4 million worldwide.

In eighth place, the action film PG-13 SNAKE EYES: ORIGINS OF GI JOE with 1,62 million de dollars, giving Paramount’s prequel a nationwide total of $ 26 million after three weekends.

At the bottom of the list were suites ESCAPE ROOM: TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS with 1,25 million de dollars and F9: THE RAPID SAGA with 1,23 million de dollars, while the animated sequel BABY BOSS: A FAMILY BUSINESS tumbled from the graph.

Next week features Aretha Franklin’s biopic RESPECT, the video game comedy by Ryan Reynolds FREE BOY and the sequel to the horror thriller DO NOT BREATHE 2.

What’s your favorite R-rated movie adapted from a comic book or graphic novel? VOTE HERE!



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