the Perseids will peak this week – .

the Perseids will peak this week – .

TORONTO – Sky watchers should be on the lookout this week as the Perseid meteor shower is expected to dazzle the skies as it peaks Wednesday night.

According to NASA, the Perseids are considered “the best meteor shower of the year”. At its peak, you can see up to 100 meteors per hour, making it one of the heaviest downpours.

These meteors are made up of debris from comet 109P / Swift-Tuttle, which orbits the sun every 133 years. They accelerate to 59 kilometers per second, often causing colorful fireballs when they burn in Earth’s atmosphere.

The meteor shower is named after the constellation Perseus, as it appears to emerge from the constellation. In Greek mythology, Perseus is the hero who beheaded the monster Medusa.

The best time to see the Perseids in the northern hemisphere is between moonset and dawn, according to the Canadian Space Agency (CSA)

For the best viewing experience, ASC recommends heading into the countryside, as city lights can make it difficult to see some of the fainter meteors.

If you must bring a flashlight with you, the CSA also suggests placing a red filter on the light, such as a red balloon, as white light can compromise your night vision.

Weather can pose another challenge in some parts of the country. Environment Canada expects cloudiness and the risk of rain Wednesday evening in most parts of Atlantic Canada, southern Quebec, southern Ontario, parts of Alberta and much of the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. However, clear skies are forecast for much of British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

If you can’t catch the Perseids at your location, NASA will also live stream the meteor shower from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. EDT. on its social media platforms.

The Perseids will remain visible until around August 24. The next meteor shower to watch will be the Draconids, which will appear in October.


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