The NHTSA Tesla Investigation From A Wreckage Tech’s Perspective – Including Stats! – .

The NHTSA Tesla Investigation From A Wreckage Tech’s Perspective – Including Stats! – .

As you know, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating Tesla’s autopilot system, which critics seem to believe causes more damage than distracted driving. I just spoke with James Law, a wreck technician who is often on the front line of accidents and has even been hit by drivers who violate the “Slow Down and Move Over” or “Stop and Move Over” laws, on this subject .

He even conducted his own investigation into accidents involving a Tesla and a fire truck. In one case, he told me, the fire truck was not in the correct locking position, which can cause momentary confusion for the driver. This, he explained, was omitted from the initial report.

“The phrase ‘tail to rail, nose to the line’ is for a reason. Emergency vehicles are affected every day. The depth perception problem that 15% of the population has is a key factor that is almost always missed in surveys. Tesla has a “wreckage” cone that could have prevented emergency vehicles from being struck, ”James said.

“This year to date there have been 38 deaths from ‘hit by’ incidents. There were 19 police forces, 13 towing operations, 4 firefighters and 2 security patrols. None were struck by Tesla vehicles.

He pointed out that the NHTSA reports that 71% of readers are not even aware of “Slow Down and Move Over” laws, laws that are in place to protect workers like James from collisions while cleaning up a wreck. .

“The NHTSA reports that 71% of drivers are unaware of the slowdown laws. If Elon Musk were to adopt E-Mode and the prescribed behavior Tesla’s fleet and all owners would be aware of these laws, it would be an unprecedented move on Tesla’s part. In addition, the fleet and owners would also behave [better], ” he added.

James also shared some thoughts on NHTSA’s current investigation into Tesla’s autopilot system.

“I agree with Musk that Tesla is doing a good job and I can’t wait to review their work. If I could predict the outcome, I think Tesla could fix this 100-year-old problem within the next year or so. Possible before publication of reports. Ultimately, this will benefit Tesla and all emergency services and even Tesla’s own roadside assistance technicians, increasing the safety of all road users. “

He also pointed out that, so far, Tesla is the only company that has not recorded any emergency personnel deaths to its credit.

“Fate loves irony; Tesla being the only company to have zero fatalities among emergency personnel will solve this problem for everyone. “

James has a solution for those who break the “Slow Down and Go Over” laws

Inspired by his own career as a wreck technician, the deaths of some of his colleagues over the years, and the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a real solution to distracted driving, James has developed his own technology. It’s called E-Mode, and he’s already tried to present it to Tesla. He apparently didn’t catch Tesla’s attention, but he’s not giving up.

James wants Tesla to have it because Tesla is developing the safest cars on the market. Tesla is using AI every day to make them increasingly safe, and the company has completely changed the way many people drive. James’ idea is to signal to other Tesla’s and nearby videos when there is some type of anomaly on the road. For Tesla, that would mean a system that would automatically alert other Tesla nearby. It sounds like a brilliant idea.

You can read more about it and read James’ pitch to Elon Musk here: “420 With Elon, The Best Part Will Tesla Wreckonize E-Mode? “

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