the new HoH already has its target – .

the new HoH already has its target – .

Par John Powell –

Well, it didn’t take long.

Just minutes after winning the Head of Households competition, the new HoH already has a goal in mind.

Kyland Young, the California account manager, won the head of household title for the second time this season.

Kyland presented his plan to fellow Cookout member Derek Frazier in the Have-Not Room. They both couldn’t believe that Tiffany not only messed up the plan to start the competition on her, but she’s upset that Kyland decided to win it.

“Tiffany is a wreck, but it’s hers. She was wrong, ”Derek said, showing no sympathy for her mistake.

“I’m not going to lie. I didn’t want her to win. I didn’t feel comfortable with his victory because of everything, ”he continued.

Derek told Kyland that he made Azah angry because he kept choosing her to face someone in the competition. Kyland said he had no choice or that the Cookout would have been on display at home.

“Unfortunately, you have four choices to send home and three of them are close to you. You have Derek X, Claire and Sarah Beth, ”Derek said.

Kyland reminded Derek that the Cookout had agreed that each of them was entitled to a partner outside of the alliance.

“Claire is from Tiffany. She’s not mine, ”Kyland said.

“It’s true,” Derek said with a smile.

The discussion then went to the High Roller twist and one that could get a lot of votes from viewers.

“Who’s probably number one and number two to get $ 100 this week?” Kyland asked.

“Alyssa? Derek replied.

“No,” said Kyland.

“Sarah Beth? Derek replied.

“No,” said Kyland.

“Tiffany? A frustrated Derek replied.

“Derek X. He’s got a whole part of the country that knows he’s outnumbered and they know that for everyone in the house, given that I don’t think a community can come together like that,” Kyland replied.

“Who are you going to host next to Claire?” Derek asked continuing.

“I’ll let the house decide,” Kyland said.

Earlier, Xavier and Alyssa talked about strategy in the storage room.

“If Christian had stayed, it wouldn’t have happened! Now Kyland cannot leave and Sarah Beth does not leave. They are stupid! Alyssa laughed at Xavier.

“They’re all worried now because he’s probably going to shoot them,” Xavier predicted.

Xavier took a moment to comfort Tiffany when she entered. The guests had spoken of handing her the HoH so she could hear her son but she huffed one of the answers.

When Tiffany left, Xavier and Alyssa continued their conversation.

“Things are already controversial in the six. It’s going to make Tiffany trust Kyland even less, ”Alyssa said.

“Tiffany, Kyland, Big D and Azah?” No one will trust Kyland after this, ”Xavier said.

He told Alyssa that they need to control the damage this week because Azah is already pissed off and she’s not hiding it from anyone.

On the live show on the eviction, Christian Birkenberger, the Connecticut general contractor’s assistant, became the fifth guest to be evicted.

Only his showman Alyssa and his ally Xavier voted to keep him.

“I had the numbers against me. It didn’t matter who I was sitting next to. It was about time they shot me, ”said Christian at Julie Chen-Moonves’ reception.

Chen-Moonves launched the latest twist on the house, the High Roller’s Room. In it, guests can play various games to gain game changing powers. In order to play the games, Big Brother Bucks are required which are awarded to guests through a weekly viewer vote. The greater the power, the more Big Brother Bucks it costs to play.

Big Brother USA airs on Global Sundays and Wednesdays from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET and Thursdays from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET.

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