The misfortunes of Linky reported as the last meters installed throughout France – .

The misfortunes of Linky reported as the last meters installed throughout France – .

On the occasion of the installation of the last Linky electricity meters in France, a few Connexion readers reported installation problems and sharp increases in bills.
The objective of 35 million will be reached by the end of the year, says Enedis, the subsidiary of the national electricity company EDF in charge of the electricity supply network for homes.

Most Linky installers come from the building trades and follow a one-month training course before going into the field.

“All installers are certified for work on the electrical network,” said a spokesperson for Enedis. Log in.

“They have the same equipment and follow the same procedures as the employees of Enedis.

Nick Jenkins, a second owner near Mareuil, Dordogne, who works with The connection, was surprised to discover that a Linky had been installed in its outer box without his knowledge. In addition, the power had been cut after installation, cutting off a dehumidifier in the house.

“It was only by chance, because we had asked a pool guy to open the pool, that we found out that the power was off.

“We were lucky it was only two days,” he said. “Our neighbor went to the new box and turned on the power, but also said it looked like it had been installed incorrectly.

“There was a notice in the mailbox, but we weren’t there to read it. Stranded in the UK due to Covid travel restrictions, Mr Jenkins complained to EDF, which said he would file a complaint with Enedis about installing the meter in the absence of any presence.

A spokesperson for the company said Linky’s installation notice was usually given in writing two or three weeks before the installation date.

“If the meter is outside the house then we can change it, but if it is inside you have to let us in,” she said.

“When there are complaints, we do our best to resolve them, but we have not had complaints like this from second home owners so far. “

Several readers, however, reported bill increases.

Enedis sent people to check and said the new meters are working fine and the old ones must be working too slowly.

The spokesperson said there was no widespread problem with rising bills after Linky’s installation, and people who noticed large increases should discuss it with their suppliers.

“Linky meters are very precise and give an almost instantaneous reading of the electricity consumed.

“The invoices may be based on high consumption days, but it’s something between the customer and the supplier. “

The independent body responsible for energy regulation in France, the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), praised Enedis, saying the installation project was “an industrial success” , costing less than expected.

He said Linkys would reduce the energy ecological footprint by allowing better control and anticipation of electricity demands, and benefit customers by giving them better knowledge of their consumption and faster repair of breakdowns.

A CRE spokeswoman said some meters being changed in France were very old – some reports date from the 1950s.

It is possible that their performance has deteriorated and customers are seeing bill changes with new meters.

“They need to discuss this with Enedis – as a regulator, it’s not something we get involved in.

“If Enedis cannot give satisfaction, there is no one else to deal with, other than maybe the courts, and it is an extreme and very difficult step to prove that an electricity meter is in over-reading. »Anne-Sophie Dessillons, deputy director of networks at the Energy Regulatory Commission, recently declared The Parisian that there could be an additional 15 € to pay the Linky meters on the bills for next year.

Olivia Grégoire, Secretary of State for the Social and Solidarity Economy, said having a Linky meter would save around 10% on annual bills thanks to its help in controlling consumption.

Citing her own case, she said the € 60 saved on her € 600 bill by having a Linky would cover more than an additional € 15 per year.

Criminals took advantage of the new Linky counters to enter homes to steal.

Read more: Warning regarding the criminal scam linked to Linky electricity meters in North West France

A wave of such crimes in Brittany triggered a police warning after thieves persuaded homeowners to let them in to update the counters.

Enedis specified that it did not carry out “any telephone or physical canvassing”, either by its team or its service providers.

This isn’t the only smart meter scam.

Last March, residents of Poitiers were victims of crooks, who subscribed them to another energy supplier without warning them.

Ants cause 1,000 Linky faults per year

A thousand “smart” Linky electricity meters per year break down because ants have nestled there.

Electricity operator Enedis said Log in that ants cause trouble if there is a lot of them in the meter, which can lead to power outages and stop the Linky data communication.

However, this is rare – around 1,000 per year for 32 million meters – and is usually between March and September.

Linky meters do not attract ants any more than any other type of French meter, the Enedis spokesperson said, despite media reports suggesting that there was a particular type of glue or starch that attracts them.

Because Linkys can be viewed from a distance, Enedis will intervene quickly if the box needs to be cleaned or repaired, and it can set up a counter with specific anti-ant protection if necessary.

To contact Enedis, call 09 72 67 50 XX (XX is the department number), free of charge from a landline or online via

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