The lighter and revised hardware model of the PS5 is already on sale – .

The lighter and revised hardware model of the PS5 is already on sale – .

You may recall that last month we reported on documentation for a revised PlayStation 5 model, which was first uploaded to the organization’s Japanese website. Now it appears to be quietly going on sale, with Australia’s Press-Start website noting that the lighter hardware units have been spotted underneath. Oddly enough, the updated SKU in this case is the Blu-ray unit, while the aforementioned manual referred to the digital edition.

So what has changed with this model? Well, not a huge amount, really. The model number is different to begin with: the launch units carried the CFI-1XXX naming convention, while this update has the CFI-11XX convention. The most obvious change is the screw that is used to secure the system to its bracket: it has been replaced with a thumb screw, so you will no longer need to use screwdrivers or other tools.

It is also a little lighter, at the height of 3.6 kg. It is not known if there are any other changes, but they are probably minor if they are. It should be noted that it’s not uncommon for Sony to refresh its hardware soon after launch: a post-release minor overhaul of the PS4 reduced its power consumption and replaced its hard drive bay cover with a matte plastic panel as opposed to its glossy launch flap.

In this particular case, the manufacturer fought for Stock PS5 request, the device is still out of stock. The company has said it will be able to meet its short-term production targets, so it’s possible that some of the changes to this model will help it achieve that.


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