The health package becomes compulsory for some 1.8 million employees in France – .

The health package becomes compulsory for some 1.8 million employees in France – .

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                A partir de lundi, les personnels en contact avec le public devront présenter un pass sanitaire Covid en entrant sur leur lieu de travail sous peine de suspension sans solde.

                                    <p>Le passeport sanitaire controversé attestant soit d'une vaccination complète contre le Covid-19, d'un récent test négatif soit d'une guérison du virus est devenu obligatoire pour quelque 1,8 million de salariés en France.

This includes employees in contact with the public such as public sector workers, temporary workers, trainees, apprentices and contractors.

People working in restaurants, cinemas, museums and on long-distance trains, where it was already required for customers, are also affected.

It also applies to volunteers working in all “places, establishments, services or events” listed by the Ministry of Labor, including bars, theaters, buses or interregional planes, amusement parks, zoos, fairs, casinos, nightclubs. , seminars, shops. shows and a few shopping malls.

There are, however, a number of exceptions such as canteens, company restaurants, take-out, truck stops, room service and breakfast served in hotels.

For shopping centers of more than 20,000 m2, the decision whether or not to apply for health cards is up to the prefect.

A week of flexibility

It will be up to the managers of the premises concerned to check the QR code of their employees.

Failure to do so will result in sanctions: first a warning, then a formal notice, then a seven-day administrative closure, government spokesman Gabriel Attal announced on Sunday.

A fine of € 9,000 may be imposed in the event of a repeat offense.

Employees who do not have the necessary QR code may be absent from work, work from home, or may be assigned to a position where there is no contact with the public. Otherwise, they are suspended without pay.

“There will be a week of flexibility, of pedagogy, of breaking in,” government spokesman Gabriel Attal announced on Sunday.

But “there will obviously be sanctions after,” he warned.

Opposition continue

Some 170,000 people demonstrated on Saturday against the health pass in cities across the country, for the seventh week in a row.

The restaurant and café sector, already hard hit by successive lockdowns and restrictions, is struggling to get back on its feet. Many businesses have seen a decline in customer base.

“Even I have not yet had my second jab,” Olivier, restaurateur from the 19th arrondissement in Paris, told RFI.

” That takes time. And it’s not my job to check my clients or my staff, ”he said. “To be able to put someone out of work or to suspend them without pay because they are not vaccinated is unbelievable, unheard of. “

Longer delays

Healthcare workers and caregivers in contact with vulnerable people such as in hospitals and nursing homes have until October 15 to show they are fully immunized.

Employees under 18, for their part, are not affected by the health pass until September 30.

The health pass in France is currently applicable until November 15.

More than 43 million people in France (64.6%) have received a full cycle of vaccination against Covid-19, according to the latest figures from health authorities.



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