The creators of What if… Marvel? tease the future of the multiverse – .

The creators of What if… Marvel? tease the future of the multiverse – .

What if...?  poster featuring Captain Carter and Star-Lord

What if…? poster featuring Captain Carter and Star-Lord
Image: Marvel Studios, Disney+

The Disney + Season Finale Loki ended with the testimony of the god of mischief the expansion of the multiverse, with infinite delays that spring from infinite realities. We know the repercussions of this will be felt in the next Spider Man and Doctor strange movies, but we’re actually going to see the benefits much sooner: Marvel’s What if…? The series, which premieres on Disney + on August 11, deals with what’s going on in this multiverse and all the wacky and / or horrific realities it contains. During a press conference today with the creators of the series, as well as star Jeffrey Wright, producer Brad Winderbaum said it was “no accident” that the series was released soon after. Loki. WWhile everyone involved was predictable as to whether or not any of the introduced characters would make the transition to live-action or not, he teased that a second season was in the works that would feature the return of the Captain Carter from Hayley Atwell, who debuted in the series’ first episode and was all over the trailers that have been released.

The show’s basic setup is that it’s an anthology of alternate reality stories set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with several people involved referring to it as an MCU version of The twilight zone. If so, then Jeffrey Wright’s watcher is the Rod Serling: he’s an extra-dimensional being who sits down and looks at different realities and is never supposed to interfere with what’s going on within them, recounting the start and end of each episode. Wright describes him as “the biggest Marvel fan ever” because his entire existence has been watching superheroes and seeing how they react to different situations in different timelines, and although Wright’s performance is somewhat intense. , he doesn’t see people like Captain Carter as novelty that exist just to be observed. He “adores them,” Wright says, because they give his life purpose by giving him something to watch, watch out for and trust, much like how Marvel fans might be drawn to the MCU. because his characters are reliable and the real world is not necessarily easy to count.

Writer AC Bradley says his first impression of The Watcher was that he looked at the superheroes of the multiverse the way we look at them. pizza rat, in the sense that we love to see him and can search for him to get that pizza, but we never step in to touch him or really care what happens to him. Once Wright got on board and talked about seeing Marvel movies with his child, Bradley says the writers realized The Watcher should be more devoted to ordinary people in the multiverse and be more of a father than an emotionless watcher. .

But aside from The Watcher, the most exciting thing about What if…? is that it will feature Chadwick Boseman’s final performance as T’Challa. It’s the multiverse, however, so T’Challa doesn’t grow up to be the Black Panther and King of Wakanda on this show. Instead, he’s accidentally picked up by the Ravagers of Yondu when they go to kidnap young Peter Quill (because all humans are alike, you see) and, in one of the What if…?‘s more unexpected turns, he ends up becoming Star-Lord. Bradley says they broke that story by looking at a large poster of all the MCU characters they wanted to include and realizing that T’Challa and Peter Quill are basically the same age. From there, they recognized that T’Challa is a character who changes the world around him, rather than being changed by it, so sending someone like that to a completely new and different environment would be. a good way to shed some light on T ‘. Challa.

It was such a good fit, in fact, that he apparently convinced Boseman to be one of the first MCU actors to agree to sign for. What if…? (there are many others, but Marvel Studios is silent on the official cast). Director Bryan Andrews says Boseman was drawn to the idea of ​​playing T’Challa as Star-Lord because “he was the King Without a Mantle” and he could have a little more fun as significantly dumber version of the character. Wright, meanwhile, seems very touched to have had the opportunity to work on a project that Boseman also worked on, saying they first met in a bathroom at Comic-Con in San Diego and were originally supposed to appear onscreen together in Ma Rainey’s black stockings until Wright had to back down. He also notes that the “mythical quality” of Boseman’s work as T’Challa “pales in comparison to the mythical quality of his life.”

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