the boss of the hospital issues a frank warning to the staff – .

the boss of the hospital issues a frank warning to the staff – .

NHS staff have been warned that they may be redeployed to treat Covid patients at a hospital in North East England after a significant increase in Covid cases.
Hull University Teaching Hospitals Trust CEO Chris Long told staff in a leaked post seen by The independent that other operations should be postponed at the Royal Hull Infirmary with new areas open for Covid patients.

The hospital has already warned A&E patients that they risk being turned away if they present to the hospital with non-urgent complaints after the trust reported 400 patients were seen in the A&E daily, including 100 could go elsewhere.

Elsewhere on Friday, The Independent learned that a ‘makeshift’ intensive care unit had been opened at Coventry & Warwickshire Trust teaching hospitals after an increase in the number of Covid patients. Confidence on Friday 59 Covid patients including 17 in intensive care.

The pressures are reflected across the country as coronavirus infections have increased in recent weeks, wiping out the drop seen in late July.

As of Friday, there were 5,889 Covid patients in English hospitals, up from 6,000 earlier in the week, but there were still 843 patients in intensive care.

In a message to staff at the Royal Hull Infirmary on Thursday, Chief Executive Officer Chris Long said: ‘We are again under significant pressure on the trust as a whole due to the increase in Covid admissions, staff absences and attendance at our emergency service. Covid-19 is not going anywhere anytime soon and we are going to have to get used to adapting to meet this ongoing challenge. “

He said the number of infections was growing rapidly in the area and with the return of schools he said it would continue.

“First, we will reduce some elective activities, so that we can build more capacity to support and treat urgent and urgent patient cases, while safely managing the number of Covid patients who present to the hospital. This will be a temporary measure and we will contact all affected patients to reschedule their appointments as soon as possible, ”he said.

Along with that, he said a ward would be converted to a Covid-specific area and expand intensive care beds to a new area. He said nursing staffing levels would be reviewed.

Mr Long warned staff that he should work in different ways, adding: “Some staff will be asked to help support areas of Covid. I know this is a difficult message to receive and that many of you are physically and mentally tired. However, we believe that unless we take these steps now, we could find ourselves in an even more difficult situation over the next few weeks with students returning to school and the likelihood of even higher infection rates in the future. the community.

“Throughout the pandemic, you have been repeatedly called upon to step up and meet the challenges that have faced us. I’m sure I’m no different from you in wishing this all over, but I’m afraid it isn’t and our duty continues to keep our patients and each other safe.

“Please take care of each other. “

In recent weeks, operations have been canceled at hospitals across the country from southern England to the north, including in some cases cancer patients.

Ambulance trusts recorded record levels of 999 calls, including more than one million in July alone – the highest number on record.

A&E departments at the largest hospitals recorded record levels of attendance in June, their busiest month ever.


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