The Bears beat the Titans 27-24 behind 3 touchdowns from Jesper Horsted – .

The Bears beat the Titans 27-24 behind 3 touchdowns from Jesper Horsted – .

The 2021 preseason is over for the Chicago Bears and Tennessee Titans, and these two teams ended it with a thrilling 27-24 victory for the Bears.

Let’s go to the recap!

It was almost a waste of time for Justin Fields

The Bears’ defense didn’t come off the field, and they even scored a touchdown, so Justin Fields and Chicago’s first-half offense lasted just 8 minutes and 30 seconds.

Luckily he was able to shine in their two-minute drill and that touchdown pass to Jesper Horsted was a thing of beauty.

Fields finished his half by running twice for 13 yards, and he passed it 10 times, completing 7, for 54 yards, 1 TD and a passer rating of 116.2.

Jesper Horsted TE1?

Just kidding, but Horsted closed out a great offseason with three touchdown catches (on 5 receptions for 104 yards) against the Titans, and he’s really the only true tight end back up at U. I think it’s possible be cut, but most certainly brought back to the practice squad to basically support Jimmy Graham.

But would he come back with exemptions?

Chicago’s starting offensive tackles

Jason Peters and Germain Ifedi started on the left and right tackle respectively and… let’s just say it wasn’t that great. Ifedi gave up a sack on the Bears’ first pass, but overall these two had decent moments dotted around their football half. I’ve noticed Peters strong hands a few times, so once he’s in great footballing form, and if he stays healthy, there might be something there.

The whole o-line …

I have some concerns. This unit will take a while to freeze, and if there is any injury or other issue that causes them to dive deep, it could be a train wreck. The starting line didn’t get much lead in the racing game, and their interior was worked on by the Titan D.

Eddie Goldman

In the first set, the Bears’ big nose tackle made an impact by obstructing the middle. He had a tackle and he pushed the pocket back to third. He didn’t stay long in the game, but he looks ready. It will be good to see him again this year for the Bears.

Danny Trevathan with a pickax!

Danny T was over there dropping rust, and he looked solid, but I wonder if he wanted to play because he was feeling the buzz that Alec Ogletree got.

Matt Barkley’s Revenge Game

For a second straight week, the Bears faced a former QB, but this time they fared much better. The Bears D held Barkley to 7 of 15 passes for 126 yards and an interception.

Trevis Gipson has scored the entire preseason

The Bears may have found another good player on Day 3 of the draft, as the 2020 fifth-round outside linebacker had a few QB hits, one of which directly led to an interception from Tre Roberson.

Nick Foles was launching it!

Now a needy QB team is coming to give the Bears a three-day draft pick, please.

The teams were reduced to 53 on Tuesday …

… And the Bears had better scour the wire for young talent and look for free agents at both the cornerback and the offensive line.

I’m not impressed with any of their current options at corner number two or nickelback, and they might get lucky and land a Josh Sitton-type cut on the o-line.

And for the record, I feel the pressure to live up to the stellar standards Patti Curl set for our immediate post-game recap here at WCG. She had a flag football match tonight, but no worries because she will be back for the first week!


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