Thailand, Hungary and France Dominate Canned Sweet Corn Exports – .

Thailand, Hungary and France Dominate Canned Sweet Corn Exports – .

IndexBox has just released a new report: “World – Prepared or Preserved Sweet Corn – Market Analysis, Forecast, Size, Trends and Information”. Here is a summary of the main findings of the report.
In 2020, global canned sweet corn exports increased + 4.1% year-on-year to $ 1 billion. Thailand, Hungary and France lead the list of the world’s largest exporters. The average export price of canned sweet corn remained relatively unchanged in 2020. Germany, the United Kingdom and Japan were the main destinations for imports last year.

Canned Sweet Corn Exports by Country

In 2020, the quantity of prepared or preserved sweet corn exported to the world increased slightly to 799K tonnes, up + 3.1% compared to the previous year. In value terms, exports grew + 4.1% year-on-year to $ 1 billion (IndexBox estimates) in 2020.

Thailand (213,000 tonnes), Hungary (193,000 tonnes) and France (130,000 tonnes) accounted for about 67% of total exports of prepared or preserved sweet corn in 2020. The United States (70,000 tonnes) held the top spot. second place in the ranking, followed by China. (57,000 tonnes). All these countries together accounted for nearly 16% of total exports. The following exporters – Spain (25,000 tonnes) and Belgium (22,000 tonnes) – each accounted for a 5.8% share of total exports.

In terms of value, Hungary ($ 228 million), Thailand ($ 216 million) and France ($ 193 million) were the countries with the highest export levels in 2020, together accounting for 61% of world exports. France has recorded the highest growth rates in the value of exports.

The average export price was $ 1,307 per tonne in 2020, which is roughly the same as the previous year. Prices varied significantly depending on the country of origin; the country with the highest price was China ($ 2,244 per tonne), while Thailand ($ 1,013 per tonne) was among the lowest. In, the most notable price growth rate was achieved by Thailand, while other world leaders experienced more modest growth rates.

Major importers of canned sweet corn

In 2020, Germany (85,000 tonnes), the United Kingdom (75,000 tonnes) and Japan (59,000 tonnes) were the largest importers of canned sweet corn. They were followed by Russia, South Korea, Spain, Belgium, France, the United States, Italy, Poland and the Philippines. These twelve countries accounted for 60% of total world imports.

In terms of value, the largest import markets for canned sweet corn in the world were Germany ($ 117 million), the United Kingdom ($ 107 million) and Japan ($ 97 million) , with a combined 31% share of world imports. Spain, Belgium, South Korea, Russia, France, Italy, Sweden, Poland, the United States and the Philippines lag somewhat behind, together accounting for an additional 32%.

Source: IndexBox platform


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