Texas School District Demands Masks After Finding Loophole In Dress Code To Bypass Ban

Texas School District Demands Masks After Finding Loophole In Dress Code To Bypass Ban

A school district in Texas announced a change in dress code, apparently requiring face masks for all members, before the school reopens on Thursday.

An announcement posted Tuesday on the website of the Independent School District of Paris (PISD) stressed that Greg Abbott’s recent decree does not allow his office to “usurp the executive power of the board.”

The Texas governor’s executive order, released last month, said no government institution, including schools, can force anyone to wear masks.

The small school district made the announcement on its website, citing concerns for the health and safety of its students. The city of Paris, which has around 25,000 inhabitants, currently has nearly 3,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19.

” Table [of trustees] believes the dress code can be used to alleviate communicable health concerns, and has therefore changed the PISD dress code to protect our students and employees, ”part of the statement read.

The ad further cited a chapter in the Texas education code that they said would not allow the governor to interfere with that mandate. According to Chapter 11 of the code, the administrators of a school district have the final say in the management and supervision of the activities of schools in their district, and the announcement noted that the governor’s decree did not explicitly suspend the chapter 11.

The announcement was made the same day Abbott himself tested positive for the coronavirus.

During a discussion in a public Facebook group “Patriotic Parents of Paris Texas”, local parents expressed their anger over the matter.

“I wonder what they would do if ALL the parents against this took away from their children in their district all the money they would lose if they then rethink this ‘dress code’!” A parent participated in the discussion.

The Guardian has contacted the governor’s office as well as PISD for further comment.


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