Tessa de Young & Restless Threatens Mariah’s Kidnapper, Chance Returning Video Preview – .

Tessa de Young & Restless Threatens Mariah’s Kidnapper, Chance Returning Video Preview – .

What does Mariah’s kidnapper really want?
It took some time for those close to him to realize that something not quite right was going on, but this week tensions are running high among those close to him. The young and the restless‘Mariah. Unfortunately, we have the impression that they realize too late the danger of the situation because every day brings the future mother closer to being… well, a mother!

“The longer this goes on, the more I’m afraid,” admits a panicked Abby in the latest video preview, which you can see in full below. And while Rey is on the case, there seems to be little clue as to where Mariah went when she simply disappeared.

Suspicious eyes – especially Devon’s and those of many viewers – are looking in Stitch’s direction. After all, the guy came back into his ex-wife Abby’s life exactly when she needed someone to lean on. But would he really kidnap Mariah, and if so… why? Surely it couldn’t just be so he could play the hero and in the process make his way into Abby’s heart?

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Meanwhile, Devon called Calvary (in the form of a private investigator) and texted Chance, which could mean Abby’s long-absent husband could show up any day now. Viewers will recall Chance was called out of town on a mysterious mission in February after portrait painter Donny Boaz suddenly and unexpectedly announced his departure.

As for Mariah’s young lady, Tessa, she has been pushed to the breaking point by the unfolding circumstances. “Who’s holding her captive?” “The brunette beauty declares in the promo,” I will never forgive them, and I hope they get what happens to them! “

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Now that Victor is involved, it seems very likely. After all, he’s not about to let the person who put one of his grandchildren in danger go away after this is all over! For more on what’s about to unfold, check out this week’s spoilers. Then, after you’ve shared your theories about who might be holding Mariah hostage, check out our suggestions below for who might take on the role of Chance when the character inevitably returns!


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