Tesla’s mega battery fire finally extinguished after four days of burning – .

Tesla’s mega battery fire finally extinguished after four days of burning – .

Four days ago, we reported that a Tesla Megapack battery unit the size of a shipping container in the world’s largest energy storage project, operated by French company Neoen SA, in Victoria in Australia, nicknamed “Victorian Big Battery”, caught fire during a test.

The Victoria Country Fire Authority (CFA) issued a statement on Monday saying the 13-ton battery was finally extinguished after four days, according to Bloomberg.

“There was a battery on fire to begin with, but it spread to a second battery which was very close to it,” CFA Fire Chief Ian Beswicke said in a statement. CFA has not yet determined the origin of the spontaneous combustion of the Tesla battery.

When the fire was first reported on Friday, CFA officials were so concerned about toxic fumes emanating from the battery unit that they issued air quality warnings for the suburbs. surrounding areas and urged people to move inside.

The problem with lithium-ion batteries is that in addition to emitting toxic fumes during a fire, the amount of water needed to extinguish the fire is not ESG-friendly.

For an ordinary Tesla car battery weighing about 1,200 pounds, it takes about 20 tons of water to put out the fire. Some Tesla vehicle fires have washed away more than 75 tons of water.

Now imagine a 13 ton battery, or about 26,000 pounds, catching fire and the amount of water needed to extinguish it. The CFA did not disclose the number of tons of water needed to put out the blaze, but statements show it took four days to put out the flames.

As for the considerable amounts of gas and smoke emitted by the lithium-ion battery fire, no quantifiable data has yet been published by CFA detailing the environmental impact.

All of the ESG pressure for “green technology” on the grid seems wonderful, but in the event of an incident, firefighters lack the technology to quickly and effectively extinguish a lithium-ion battery fire.

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