Taliban ‘mark doors of prominent Afghan women’ as top female TV presenters fear for their lives – World News – .

Taliban ‘mark doors of prominent Afghan women’ as top female TV presenters fear for their lives – World News – .

The Taliban are reported to be marking the doors of prominent women in Afghanistan, as reporters say they now fear for their lives.

Several female presenters have been pulled from state television channels over growing fears of being silenced days after terrorists took control.

A female journalist in Kabul says her sisters and friends are up against conservative men who shout, “The Taliban are here to discipline you!”

Now there are frightening allegations on the doors of well-known women’s homes being painted.

It is suggested that Taliban officials have demanded “huge research”, with activists already working on lists of women to be targeted for future punishments.

Beauty salon workers remove large photos of women in Kabul from wall



Homira Rezai told the BBC: “I got an update from Kabul where they go house to house looking for women activists, bloggers, YouTubers.

“All the women who have played a role in the development of civil society in Afghanistan.

“They’re going door to door targeting these women and marking the doors with hot pink or brightly colored paint to make sure that ‘this is the house we need to come back to and do something about them.’ . “

Journalist Amie Ferris-Rotman said the Taliban was going door-to-door on Monday – and making lists.

The presenters of the Afghan channel Tolo News have been taken off the airwaves

Activists, journalists and officials are being hunted down, she said.

She tweeted: “In the last hour, several Afghan friends in Kabul have told me that the Taliban are in their neighborhood, going house to house, looking for women in government and in the media, making lists.

“One of them sent me a photo of her living room showing armed Taliban outside. ‘I love you,’ she wrote. “

It comes after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said he fled the war-torn country to “prevent a flow of blood” as the Taliban stormed Kabul.

From 1996 to 2001, when the Taliban last ruled, girls were banned from school and women were banned from working or even appearing in public without a burqa or male escort.

Women and girls known to be among most at risk under new Taliban rule



They were even denied health care and could not see a male doctor while the women were not allowed to practice.

Public flogging was the punishment for those who flouted the rules.

Over the past two decades, things have improved, but women fear that everything they have learned will be wiped out.

“We don’t matter because we were born in Afghanistan,” said a young Afghan woman in a heartbreaking video posted to social media.

“I can’t help but cry,” she continues. “Nobody cares about us. We will slowly die in history. “

Many prominent female figures are now just sitting ducks.

The country’s first female mayor, from Maidan Wardak province, says she is waiting to die.

Zarifa Ghafari, 27, said on Sunday: “I am sitting here waiting for them to come. There is no one to help me or to help my family.

“I’m just sitting with them and my husband. And they will come and get people like me and kill me. I cannot leave my family. And anyway, where would I go?


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