“Stranger Things” and “Ozark” Actress’ Son Brutally Attacked During Basketball Game – .

“Stranger Things” and “Ozark” Actress’ Son Brutally Attacked During Basketball Game – .

Actress Alyssa Brooke’s son Nick was brutally assaulted during a basketball game at a local recreation center in Georgia last month. Now the couple are fighting for justice for their son, hoping his abusers will suffer the consequences. Nick suffered a broken jaw and a severe concussion after the assault.

Images of the July 21 assault went viral after other kids at the recreation center filmed it and posted it on social media. The only teenager who broke Nick’s jaw was charged with assault as a minor, according to 11 alive. However, Brooke and her husband, actor James Knight, believe the rest of the children involved in the assault did not face any consequences. Two children in the video attend schools in the town of Buford, while the teens accused of posting the video and laughing while Nick was assaulted attend Lanier High School in Gwinnett County. Buford Town Schools Said 11 alive the attack happened off campus and before the start of the school year, while schools in Gwinett County told the outlet they did not believe its code of conduct applied in the ‘case because it had not happened on school property.

“They didn’t stop him; they applauded him. And for me, it’s participation, ”Brooke, whose credits include episodes of Ozark and Strange things, Recount 11 alive. “I don’t expect everyone to be a hero and rush to save the day if that’s not your style. But to laugh, to applaud and to applaud is not humanity. Nick’s parents spent his 17th birthday in the hospital, watching Nick get fed with a syringe because his jaw was closed. Her jaw was broken in three places and her doctors checked for internal bleeding. He also suffered a concussion.

Knight, who was seen in a Ozark episode and a 2015 Chicago PD episode, and Brooke is now calling for a stricter code of conduct that would cover the behavior of student-athletes even if they are not on school property. They launched a Change.org petition, which now has more than 35,300 signatures. Friends of Knight and Brooke have also started a GoFundMe page to help pay for Nick’s medical bills. So far, over $ 38,000 has been donated.

“I think we have to teach children if we are trying to raise them to be good citizens, that there are consequences for our actions,” said Nick’s father, Robbie Cox. 11 alive. “If, as an adult, I did this, I would lose my job. Even if it didn’t happen at my workplace, but for some reason these kids are protected because it happened outside of school, and that logically doesn’t make sense to me. “


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