Strange ‘Say No to Covid Vaccine’ protest slows traffic on Leicester Street as people hold up signs

Strange ‘Say No to Covid Vaccine’ protest slows traffic on Leicester Street as people hold up signs

Covid-19 vaccine protesters line the length of a main road in Aylestone, Leicester with placards.

More than 25 people lined up along Glenhill Boulevard at 3:20 p.m. today, Saturday August 28.

Huge yellow signs are standing with one saying, “You’ve been lied to. “

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Another reads: “It’s not a vaccine, it’s genocide. “

“Adolescents and children don’t need a clot vaccine,” says another.

Traffic slows down in the area as drivers attempt to read them as they proceed down the road.

The signs ask readers to “boo if they agree” with the coronavirus vaccine message.

A woman holds up a sign that says, “They’re coming to pick up your children next.”

Leicestershire Police have been contacted regarding the protest and we are awaiting a force update.

‘Say no to vaccine’ protesters line the street on Glenhill Boulevard
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The numbers and statistics are also on the yellow signs that read: “1,600 + deaths and counts” and “Over 1.2 million life-changing injuries”.

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