Stock market casino like a Moderna with a bullet in the arm – .

Stock market casino like a Moderna with a bullet in the arm – .

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A year ago to the day, BioNTech – the makers of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine – was trading at $ 69.11 per share.


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On Friday it was trading at $ 447.23.

Moderna a year ago was trading at $ 68.97 per share.

On Friday it was trading at $ 484.47.

There is no doubt that the whales made a great killing as people were still dying from a pandemic that is triggering a fourth wave.

have you invested? Are you investing now with the share price so high? How much do you want to risk borrowing?

Are BioNTech and Moderna actions still a safe bet?

Do people in fancy costumes think stocks will split to make them more affordable for the average pooch?

A year ago, Johnson & Johnson, who has a time – Bam! It’s finish! – injection, was trading at $ 148.66 per share and closed a day ago at $ 173.57.


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So there was money to be made there.

Yes, the magnificent glow of hindsight.

So if you were smart enough to get lucky on Moderna a year ago, and between Uncle Buck, Ms. Bessie, and yourself, you managed to get enough back for 1,000 shares, you’re in the money.

Producing $ 68,970 wasn’t easy, but you were ready to roll the dice. Why? Because you’ve never heard of a Big Pharma bad luck story and plus Moderna is the shot you were lined up to get, so you might as well go with what brought you, at least that ‘ is what they say.

So it’s Moderna.

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In August of last year it peaked at $ 170.82 per share – which would have been a good source of income – but you stuck it out.

Then it dropped to $ 118.49 and Uncle Buck wanted to get out. He wanted to cut his losses.

But, mercy lord, in the two days it took to convince Uncle Buck not to fold, the stock was $ 175.67.


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“Take it,” Uncle Buck pleaded.

As Buck understood it, infections from COVID-19 were down, ICU admissions were down, and deaths were down.

“And the Moderna race too,” Buck said. “Let’s not be greedy. Let’s take the money and call it a day.

“No way, Jose,” Bessie said. “We’re going to be fine. “

And that’s what they did, cashing in just yesterday where stock casino luck turned $ 68,970 into $ 484,470.

Damn almost half a mil. Even split into three, it wasn’t a bad move.

These figures are from a few days ago.

Google “Moderna Action” and see if it’s going up or down.

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“Moderna,” says Wikipedia, “is an American pharmaceutical and biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Mass. It focuses on vaccine technologies based on messenger RNA. Moderna’s vaccine platform inserts nucleoside-modified synthetic messenger RNA into human cells using a coating of lipid nanoparticles


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Now I have had the Moderna shot – twice – and so far there has been no harm, no fault. But anti-vaccines warn of a “cytokine storm” starting this fall that has made me very, very suspicious.

According to Frontiers in Immunology, mortality in COVID-19 patients has been linked to the presence of a so-called “cytokine storm” induced by the virus.

“Excess production of pro-inflammatory cytokines leads to worsening acute respiratory distress and widespread tissue damage leading to multiple organ failure and death. “

Now that looks pretty dark and not exactly the way I want to go.

Survey found 75% of Americans want to die peacefully at home while truth shows 68% die wired to various machines, faulty organs, in hospital room with locked window, no art on the walls and with the bedroom painted in a horribly light avocado green.

It’s a taste of hell.

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